Noble Sangha Moving Toward Wholeness,

i deeply wish each and every one of you would be able to attend my Sunday Service on the Energetics of Enlightenment which follows a HP Yoga™ class this weekend…my own Teachers will not yet permit me to video or record it.  “The Students,” They assure me, “must take Pilgrimage…you must teach in the Traditional Way;  Teacher to Student in person…”… so, that cancels out a lot of possible and needed dinero on my end once again, cuz in Durango?  we’re all High on the Pran here,  so unless it’s an early winter whiteout,  only a few of my most devoted local students will attend.  i think most of them are cross racing down in NM or up near Boulder…and most studio yogis don’t even know what ‘cross racing’ means so….well, it’s just another Catch 22 of being ilg in Kali Yuga, i figger.

however, it got me contemplating on a wider perspective (which is precisely what my Teachers desired)…and here is what ilg has c(om)e up with thus far…

Engineer Peak vibrates like a terminated crystal above the Starting Area of my upcoming Winter Warrior Snowshoe Race (friend it on Facebook!)…taken a few days ago while i was clearing the course before the first snows arrive…


to feeble ilg’s experience,  sometimes the world’s most powerfully beautiful spots are potent psychospiritual vortices which

amplify our karmic work; either black or white

intense suffering or intense joy arises…

May All Beings Be Freed From Suffering and the causation of Suffering…
May All Beings Find Happiness and the causation of Happiness

be it in Durango,
or you name it…

let’s keep working on our selves until Enlightenment…

i recall when i first moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico….the welcome sign should have just read;  “ILG:  Buckle Up, baby…cuz you’re in for the RIDE of your spiritual life…”   and it was so.  even being paralyzed was not within the same league of inner turmoil that i would experience upon that Sacred Mesa within the Cochiti skies… wow!  yet,  having survived the onslaught of tremendous and ongoing inner challenges that rose repeatedly before me like an addicted Phoenix Rising,  it was in Santa Fe that sitting in meditation outside the Center of Self Healing which i and Deborah were managing at the time,  my Anahata Chakra opened…no,  opening is too tame a word…uh,  Blossomed….no…still too tame;   ilg Heart Center was ripped wide open as if a Gatling Gun had poured its bullets into the crimson pulsating of my heart and set off my own rosy crucifixion






this m(om)ent whereupon i sit in Breath and Posture,  typing to you…praying that you will Rise Higher even a micron Higher due to my words and lifework…

ilg recalls a Teaching from a Master which stated that “If we were to put our minds to one powerful wisdom method and work with it directly, there is a real possibility we would become enlightened.”

Our minds, however, are sadly undertrained and are wrought with confusion and doubt.    In my own life,  my doubt remains an even greater block to my spiritual evolution than desire or attachment.

Ilg glances around at the Internet Fitness Scene and become quickly sick to my Third Chakra;   for somehow,  everything which ilg attempted to forward from the Ancient Ones;  Sacred Sweat, Humble Stillness has been raped by cleverness instead of wisdom, and rewards the most superficial, harsh, and least useful aspects of our sweat-based intelligence.

In my yoga class tonight,  i had two champion athletes that were born in 1995.

BORN in 1995!!!

wasn’t that like, uh, last week or something?

so ilg found himself having to deliver the Dharma from 6,000 years ago toward two young girls that were born when i was, well…already pretty stinkin’ old.

and ilg found it easy,  if not inspired, to do so.

ilg, trained by a wolf,  has been observing in wolf-like ways for the past several years since the birth of my own daughter,  how the young kids have become so falsely “sophisticated” if not attentionally-neurotic that ilg can see the bergschrund within their minds which takes illusion for truth, and that mental instability is now being accepted as simply the sap which feeds the fruit of true knowledge…though it is not so.

This form of spiritlessly inspired acceptance of digitally based – instead of sweat based – intelligence has now donned the unclothed emperor of samsara, served by a flock of “high tech experts” who teach us, as Soygal Rinpoche taught us,  “not the open-souled and generous doubt that Buddha assured us was necessary for testing and proving the worth of the teachings, but a destructive form of [spiritual] doubt that leaves us nothing to believe in, nothing to hope for, and nothing to live by.”

Blessed be all,
feeble ilg

4 Responses to “Wisdom Mind; free of suffering…”

  1. Alvaro Madrazo says:

    Thank you coach! I will take this teaching to my pilgrimage home.

    I believe faith is what helps us pass trough doubt and at the same time makes us crave for knowledge.

    Student AM

  2. coach says:

    awesome! i’m still awaiting word on your Test Week! hit me! love, sweat, and compact gearing (next year, maybe!)…
    head bowed,

  3. py says:

    working the path, in Kinlani ,Tibet, or Santa Fe!

  4. coach says:

    the Path works,
    when You work the Path!


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