Whatever we have done with our lives makes us what we are when we die. And everything, absolutely everything, counts.  – Sogyal Rinpoche

pic by ilg of Dewa:  you can take a Tibetan Rinpoche out from the Land of the Snows and you can even let Them take on a Westerner’s incarnation…but you can’t take the Land of the Snows out of a Tibetan Rinpoche…

our conversation kinda went;

Daddy: Uh, Dewa, don’t you think you should put on your snowsuit if you’re gonna play in in the snow?

Dewa:  (giggling with Divine Joy);  no, Daddy, that’s okay, i’m fine!

Daddy: (now also giggling with Divine Joy);  yes, yes you are, my Love…

moral;  even without wearing pants,  we know who wears the pants in this humble Clan…hint:  not me!

2 Responses to “Whatever we have done with our lives…”

  1. Sandra Lee says:

    the best angel i ever seen

  2. coach says:

    Dawa G…
    i agree!

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