newly minted HP Yoga® Teacher, Jackie “Gamhé” Boudreau is already gaining a big class following…and more importantly;  she is carrying the WF Torch igniting Transformation quickly among her students.  With Joy and myself?  Durango is a hotbed of HP Yoga!..pic by Scot Davis

Hi Steve!

I’m good friends with Jackie and have taken her first 2 classes. I’ve only ever taken 2 yoga classes before hers. I always joked with her that all I’ve ever wanted was to be able to touch my toes, stiffness & tightness seems to run in my family. After my 2nd class I can touch my toes, without strain. A miracle in my book!

Thank you!


durango, co


Namaste Roxanne!

that is AWESOME!!!  THANK YOU for supporting Jackie’s yoga teaching and CONGRATS to YOU for touching your toes!   first we touch our toes, then we begin to touch the Go(o)d inside of us!

you keep at it, post your embrace of Jackie on our High Performance Yoga FB page and most of all,  just keep Practicing!

i and my teaching staff are right in your corner,  use us!

head bowed,

spirit vowed,

coach ilg

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