Best “Job” EVER!!!
i don’t teach yoga to my daughter’s 1st Grade Class, i allow the kids and yoga to teach me! might not die the monetarily wealthiest guy, however, every cent ilg has earned throughout my life has been through Direct Dharma-teaching…and spiritually? my humble life has proved endlessly – to me – to be the most wealthiest i could possibly imagine! Thank you, Deities…feeling soooo Blessed! i bow to you for listening to my Bliss rant! Y’all mean a LOT to feeble ilg…i am continually inspired by you all! Blessed be your night…

We are holding up our “Buddhi (higher mind) Buddies” which we made and colored as i dharma-spoke about that Higher Aspect of our Mind which simply observes our sadness, happiness, pain, pleasure, etc. without buying into the drama of It All…all these precious chi-ldren “got it” much faster than my adult students…i told them that whatever they are going through, they can use their Buddhi Buddy to talk to without reprimand or judgment…

let’s see if i can get this right…from L-R top row: Yogi Kalias (whose name is actually the name of every yogi’s most Sacred Peak in the Himalaya!), Yogi Evan, Yogini Amari, Yogini Aleya, Yogini Dewachen….2nd Row: Yogini Rose, Yogini Lauren, and the elbow of Yogi Gabe…Bottom Row; feeble teacher ilg

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