sdI am now 52 years-old – or so my 7 year-old daughter re-Minds me –  and even at my young age i have – through this particular body/mind/spirit vehicle – seen so many, many things during this unique, short lifetime.

So many of my friends have died, passing into the Bardo without so much a thought as to what they were going to do when they could not inhale again.  

So many people of my own age have died or lay now at home or in hospitals plugged up to tubes and the coming-and-going of unknown nurses and doctors who glance more up at the clock to see when they can go home to their addictions of comfort rather than looking deeply into those whose lives are unraveling beneath their watch.

So many Elders, including my own father, have died.

So many people that were fancy-smancy, rich, and boisterous (especially in summer/warm weather climes) now scared – instead of sacred – of their inevitable death m(om)ent.

So many people that were low on the status bar of White America (like Native Americans) whom  have risen to be so Noble and Willing to enter the(ir) Bardo…



So many countries have changed.

So much “Scientifically Proven” science being changed without the slightest hint of remorse, contemplation, or humility.  

There has been so much conflict and tragedy – inward and outward –  all over the inner and outer world(s).

Yet, the other week feeble ilg stamped my snowshoes over recent Moose tracks.

Yet, today?  Grandfather Sun came out while the Sacred Snows fell like Diné banshee’s upon the Ujjayi gurgling of the Animas River outside my front door…

Walk with me…beside me..not in front…not in back…just Here Now…

For all these Changes?


Nothing but a SnowPerson Teaching…dat’s right;  Snowmen,  Snowwomen?  They are Upa Guru’s of a most majestic – if not magical – Realm;  Impermanance !

So Much..so much of these changes are no more real than last night’s dream.  Look deeply as you sit in Discipline #4 of Wholistic Fitness®:  Meditation;  because when we sit STILL and LISTEN?!?!    When we PRACTICE DYING TO THE M(OM)ENT?   We:

“realize there is nothing that is permanent and constant, nothing, not even the tiniest hair on your body. And this is not a theory, but something you can actually come to know and realize and see, even, with your very own eyes.”   

Blessed be thy Practice…
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c’mon…let’s Rise Higher…

Blessed be thy Daily Sweat,

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