full_snowwhen White Man came to Turtle Island, this month was named “March”

to the Natives of Turtle Island it was named something more appropriate.

among the Navajo, upon whose treasured lands within the 4 Sacred Posts (Four Sacred Mountains)  feeble ilg has spent lovingly and longingly most of this life,  this month is known as : Wóózhch’į́į́d = the premature voice of or cry of an eaglet


doesn’t that just Vibe higher within our Soul than..

MARCH  (really, March?)


come, cuddle close to my Tribal Fire tonight…i’ll teach you more about Wóózhch’į́į́d…

invoke an image of a tribal fire,  each of us close…stars beyond count winking at us beneath our blankets as the Trickster Clan howls from a far off ridge;
T’ááshǫ̨ǫ deesdoii náhoodleeł yę́ę ts’ídá Wóózhch’į́į́d dahiitą́ní góne’ náádeezhchííl.

(Just when we thought the warm weather was back (spring), it began to snow again.)
Atsábiyáázh dóó Wóózhch’į́į́d doo náás hoolzhishee’ tsídii, atsé alą́ąjį’go bikéé’ yééji’. Éí bik’ehgo kodi Diné niidlínígíí yiikah. Bik’ehgo da’iináanii nihina’nitin át’éego. Atsáyáázh bizhíshch’į́į́d yę́ę̨ hasht’eeniiłgo kodóó hodilzhish. Hózhǫ́ǫ̨go anooséeł dooleeł. Hózhǫ́ǫgo adínóot’į́į́ł ha’níigo baa ndahodiyį’go hatsodizin dóó sin dadiits’a’ łeh.
(The bird people were honored in naming the crescent moons – months – after them, mainly the eagle. In that way, we live not only by the sun, moon and universe but also by the birds. The Bird People have many teachings and high expectations of each other which is what we, as the Navajo People, are bound to as well. They say the first cry of the eaglet matures to a magnificent sound which portrays growth, progress and maturity. In that way, our prayers are said to follow that path of growth, progress and maturity.)
Wóózhch ‘ į́į́d = the premature voice of or cry of an eaglet, March.

Special thanks to Sandra Lee

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