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This is what is causing the big Stir within our WF Warrior Sangha…after years of relying upon MAP Amino Acids,  we are now switching over to a pure BODYHEALTH product (who up until now only distributed MAP);  Perfect Amino®.    BODYHEALTH sent me a pre-release bottles in the autumn, i’ve used it all winter racing season and well,  as you can tell my RESULTS this winter?   Yeah, i’m totally stoked about this upgrade to our cellular nutrition!   Below,  a couple of Student questions are answered…




What is the difference between Perfect Amino (new to me) and MAP (which I’ve used for years)?

Thank you.
Student L’Gate

According to Dr. Minkoff,  pretty much not much!  since the MAP profile yielded 99.9% NNU,  kinda hard to improve on THAT for pure protein synthesis/utilization,  so the good Doc tweaked the existing MAP profile in such a crafty manner and was able to manufacture his own tablets for what ends up being 20% MORE tablets per bottle than MAP and…(drumroll…) at 20% LESS cost!!!  

Personally, i notice that PERFECT AMINO is more slender, slightly softer, and more easier-to-swallow tablets. 


Hi Coach Ilg,

Thank you for the heads up.  So can Perfect Amino replace MAP or can/are they used in different situations?

Thank you.

Mike W.



Namaste Warrior Mike!
great question!   PERFECT AMINO now replaces MAP!   so, when you current order of MAP runs out, just transition to PERFECT AMINO and you are set!




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