Warrior 3 or Warrior FREE?!?!

Published on Jun 22, 2015 by in Teachings, Yoga

Warrior 3?  
hec, how ’bout a WARRIOR FREE!?

it’s awes(om)e hearing how my devoted students are making use of my vast array of online streaming classes and videos while i take my public teaching to the Rez kids…though i miss our weekly sweats,  gotta say, the hugs from the kids are preciously priceless!   i am speaking with the Rec Center to offer a possible Wholistic Flow class soon…

pic: feeble ilg yesterday in my preferred yoga studio; our precious La Plata’s with the Sacred Peak of Dibé Nitsaa shown background, photo left.   though i’ve lit up Ventura Boulevard with my own HP Yoga Studio?  nah…this is the one that is true to this feeble mountain yogi’s heart!


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