It takes a REAL MAN to kiss Wildflowers in Crane Pose at nearly12,000′ during a mountain trail run!  
pic by Sandra Lee of feeble ilg during a recent trail run above my h(om)etown of Durango, CO…
i know, i know…it’s been a WHILE since i’ve updated you on this BODYHEALTH Missive List!
i TRULY TRUST that your summer is cranking you ever Higher.
Here in Durango,
your feeble coach has been Serving, Serving, Loving, Loving, Giving, Giving, and Dedicating, Dedicating  every morsel of myself to being Present with my Daughter and my Students…exhausted each Blessed Night from the Noble Effort of Serving, Loving, Giving, and Dedication..yet,  hey,  i don’t even have to use Bodyhealth’s UltraSleep anymore (although i always keep it stock!).
S(om)ehow,  even through the Serving and Conscious (often Single) Daddying efforts,  i’m producing still more remarkable competitive niches to my Body Of Work;
•) currently 5th place in the 8-race DWC Cycling Championships with 4 more races to go  (hardly ride my bike except during this races)! 
•) nabbed a (these 54 year-old days) rare OVERALL PODIUM at the Pagosa Duathlon (trail run into mountain bike)
•) just got a last spot ‘European Podium’ AG on last Saturday’s 2:37 effort during the one, the only;  Kendall Mountain (running) Half-Marathon which starts at 9,318′ and the turn-around (yeah, not the finish) is 6.3  miles overhead at 13,066′!   
This Saturday is another DWC Cycling Championship race;  a 38-mile Gravel Grinder that is sure to test everyone’s grit!
I mention all the above, just so that you realize how precious, how priceless are our Bodyhealth Products to cellular health.
Can ilg be honest?   Wait, What?  Ilg is all-Ways honest for Christ’s Sake;  ilg is yogi!   What i mean to say is,   you know those guys that finished in front of your feeble teacher this past Saturday at Kendall Mountain Half Marathon?  Well,  lemme tell you true…their bodies, their way of movement, their entire Wholistic Fitness?   ugh.   skinny, rounded shoulders, collapsed heart, lower body imbalanced muscularly to their upper body…your feeble teacher of wholeness is SOOOOO stoked to train on HALF (probably FAR LESS) then their running-specific volumes and still finish just minutes behind them on the podium, yet?  my hips and spine and suppleness?  Lifetimes ahead of their imbalanced physiques.   that, to ilg?  is WAAAAAY more important!!!   i was not even,  for the FIRST TIME in probably 13 years of racing Kendall Mountain Half-Marathon?  not even the LEAST BIT STIFF, SORE, OR COMPROMISED the hours or days after!  that’s 7,400′ of climbing and descending without ANY soreness…  this is HUGE if you know what TRUE RECOVERY MEANS!   i was JUST AS FLEXIBLE to teach my yoga classes the day after Kendall than i was the day before!    i’d like to see my AG competitors the day after Kendall do that!!
Seriously?  This is huge stuff that few recognize and THAT is why i am soooooo honored to be a part of the BODYHEALTH family!!! THESE SUPPLEMENTS WORK!
if you have ANY QUESTIONS,  you let me know okay?  It’s what i do…
and,  do NOT MISS OUT ON THE GREAT DEAL from my friends at BODYHEALTH below!!!
Let me hear from you!   my personal FB page, High Performance Yoga FB page, or email…YOU are who INSPIRE ILG!!
head bowed,
spirit vowed,
feeble ilg

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