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pic: your feeble Channeler of before the internet was invented, still sitting strong, naked, and alive to All That Is!

FB Dharma (buckle up):
so…feeble ilg posted s(om)ething about my nonchalance regarding Stupid Bowl, oh, sorry, “SuperBowl” Sunday’s game and how American Football is naught but a $-drain on youth developmental sports; let ilg count how many sports have been cut out of jr./sr. high school sports in order to pad the already imbalanced budgets for ‘football’: cross country running, alpine skiing, nordic skiing, volleyball, track and field, archery, et. al…

so, my FB Friend is all like, all sports like football are good…because, “$ makes world ‘go around'”

feeble ilg, trained in Wholistic Fitness® pays attention to the Word Choice: “$ makes the world go around”…how MANY times have i heard that….

most people forget we have dual citizenship: Outer World and Inner World… and $ has NOTHING to do with the far more important INNER WORLD which is NOT designed to merely ‘go around’ but rather is a Divinely Orientated trajection toward Enlightenment.

just sayin’…since 1981…

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