Conscious Parenting Tip #2,345:
Get Your Chi-ld sweating beside you in Trailwork asap!!!

pic: Dewa on Daddy after a great day working on the trails waaaay above Durango. Dewa got to be Emma’s (the wonderful person last on photo right) “Chief Trail Assistant” and help boss a noble troop of local Boy Scouts. Love having Dewa be actively influenced by females that have chosen outdoor, active, nature-based professions normally dominated by males; like being a Trailwork Chief Crew Leader as Emma (ilg’s boss).

this pic for the Durango Herald newspaper was taken up on Missionary Ridge Trail. As a Trails 2,000 Crew Leader, ilg has brought D to a couple of hand-picked Trailwork Missions…this one is to prep trails for the upcoming Durango MTB Fondo:
“Trails 2000 volunteers and crews worked on Missionary Ridge Trail last week and weekend. Crew leaders worked on the trail for five days, clearing many miles of corridor, installing drainages and check steps, and deberming.”

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