pic by feeble ilg of the daughter that s(om)ehow, s(om)eWay chose this ski bum, subsistence mountain yogi athlete to c(om)e through  during a very precious, sacred day last week when i finally took Dewa on my chi-ldhood created trail;  DreamLand Ridge.   for more,  see my personal Facebook page.

“The birth of a man is the birth of his sorrow. The longer he lives, the more stupid he becomes, because his anxiety to avoid unavoidable death becomes more and more acute. What bitterness! He lives for what is always out of reach! His thirst for survival in the future makes him incapable of living in the present.”



There was once a great yogi;  most of you might know Him by the word, Buddha.

Before Buddha was Buddha?   He was a spoiled rich kid growing up in a palace built upon the suffering of commoners.  When Buddha grew up enough to venture beyond the Palace walls which He was not supposed to do?   He saw old age, He saw suffering,  He saw the dichotomy between the Haves and Have Nots…

Didn’t sit well with Him.


He took off.

Fuck the Palace.

Fuck the Comfort….

I gotta find a Way outta this Imbalanced World!!!

He would bec(om)e the Buddha travelled far and wide.   He took study under all the world-class Yoga and Meditation Teachers of His day.

He grew supple in mind/body/spirit.   He was an epitome of a Wholistic Fitness® Practitioner.

‘Cept for One Thing.

It wasn’t working.

All the yoga postures He mastered?  Didn’t help save the dichotomy.

All the meditations He mastered?  Didn’t help save the dichotomy.

All the fasting He mastered until He was so emanciated He couldn’t barely move.

“This is NOT IT!” He finally whispered to Himself…

“I must FIND A TRUE MIDDLE PATH BETWEEN EXTREMES to find BALANCE and WHOLENESS!!!” He may have whispered to Himself during a particularly depleting Meditation…

And so,

He vowed:

“What is left of “me” shall simply SIT HERE in Padmasana (Full Lotus) until I receive Enlightenment!   I would rather DIE than to rise from my Meditation before Enlightenment!!”

And so?

He Sat.


Upon His Enlightenment?   Do you know the first Words spoken from His Enlightened Beingness were!?!?!!


Oh,  let ilg tell you,  his fellow yogi’s and friends and family did NOT take kindly to Buddha (The Enlightened One) at first, for He had broken the Rules!   A yogi was not supposed to eat certain things, do certain things,  yet?

He followed His spiritual heart,


in so doing?

He changed, affected, transformed the entire world.



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