Remember: A method is only a means, not the meditation itself. It is through practicing the method skillfully that you reach the perfection of that pure state of total presence, which is the real meditation.

There is a revealing Tibetan saying: “Gompa ma yin, kompa yin,” which means literally: “ Meditation is not; getting used to is.”

It means that meditation is nothing other than getting used to the practice of meditation. As it is said: “Meditation is not striving, but naturally becoming assimilated into it.” As you continue to practice the method, then meditation slowly arises.

Meditation is not something that we “do”; it is something that has to happen spontaneously, only when we have perfected the practice…

Dharma Blessings upon your Meditation Practice!

head bowed,


ps:  Naropa Notes are recollected fr(om) my studies at Naropa…the Buddhist Contemplative Arts University in Boulder, CO

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