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Durango High school Running Club


To My Dad’s Noble Wholistic Fitness® Sangha!


My name is Dewachen Ilg. I’m a Durango High School freshman student and I run on the cross country and track teams. I’m reaching out to you to help make a big impact on our high school running community this year. 


The Durango High school running club is an organization that helps to build leadership skills, perseverance and an appreciation for the outdoors. We encourage healthy habits and aim to create a lifelong passion for running.  We are a volunteer- run club that operates in the fall under Ron Keller and Kenneth Flint.  We have the opportunity to run in Tempe, Arizona at a regional championship meet, which is called NXR  on 11/20.  This experience will help us to become better runners as we will compete against some of the best runners in the southwest region.   

In order for all of us to participate in this meet, we need support from businesses and individuals.  The expense for the meet is $285 per person.  Donations will ensure everyone can participate in this experience.

Your donation will help with the following:

  • Transportation, food,  and lodging in Tempe
  • Cost of the meet 
  • Scholarships for runners


If you are able to donate to this experience, as a running club, we will provide the following:

  • Thank you note for your donation
  • An updated newsletter with how we did as individuals and as a team
  • Individual instagram and facebook posts with thanks to the sponsors. 


If you can donate, please write a check  to Durango High School Running Club (address: 448 Jenkins Ranch Road, Durango, CO 81301) or you can venmo at DurangoHighSchool-RunningClub.    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Marie Voss-Patterson at 970-946-7221, dgorunningclub@gmail.com  regarding this opportunity. 



Dewa Ilg

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