11:26 minutes


IMG_0805These are ACTUAL (?) recollections from Steve Ilg, creator and CAPTAIN of Ft. Horny Toad, the PREMIERE childhood fort of the ENTIRE Junction Creek Drainage! In this Episode: Chapter 2 (brought to you by Kroegers Ace Value Hardware Store?) the Cap’n, First Lieutenant Two Man and 2nd Lieutenant Buzzy (aided immensely by Apache, my wolf hybrid) get into quite the intense situation going up against the country’s meanest, dirtiest, more murderous bounty hunter of all time, Dirty Jack McClain! Who comes out top after a shocking ninja style attack on Dirty Jack? THANK YOU FOR COMMENTING, SHARING, and SUBSCRIBING! Onward, Upward, and ENDLESSLY INWARD! head bowed, spirit vowed, coach steve ilg founder/creator of Wholistic Fitness® and High Performance Yoga® since 1981

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