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Namaste Noble Warriors!

it is raining in LA. finally.

a deep, saturating moistness blankets the city like an ujjayi exhale. yin covers the yang. thunder and rain roll over coastal mountains like a tongue�s first lick of an ice cream cone. slick freeways become swollen with throbbing traffic. with the maturity of eons, autumn spills herself across the scape of peopled pavement in a sacred wetness. in this Divine gift from Father Sky, i feel young…like the juvenile scrub jay outside my window. though his dampened feathers shout glorious blue, he seems quietly entranced by the natural chant of raindrops. so too, am i. there is no false appearance of Divinity today…She is wet and windy and everwhere! today evokes inner withdraw. a fine day to sip Calli tea, meditate, and do yoga.




with Steve Ilg

Saturday, November 16th

11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

� Healing Powers of Asana

� The 3 Key Internal Locks

� Vedic Energy: Chakras, Nadis, & Kundala

� Starting Your Own Personal Practice


wear loose fitting clothes, bring a sitting cushion or blanket

in �The Grotto� at PowerHouse Gym, Chatsworth, CA

contact: for more info or directions



New Online WF Student Michael �Rediscovers� the Love of the Gym…and Discovers the Power of Meditation in Daily Life…

�Dear Coaches Ilg and Sheader,

It is nice to hear from you as it makes it clear you’re paying attention. As I have told Coach Sheader, what I find very helpful about

WF is the sense of belonging and purpose. Notes like this and words of encouragement provide a great deal of energy, so thank you. To expand on what I wrote, I will say that I’m becoming more focused on meeting my own needs for spirituality and fitness. Feeling more comfortable in the gym is an outcome of acknowledging that this is an appropriate place for me to be. You may have noticed in my first writing to you that I wondered if there was room for an overweight businessman in WF. Of course, this was an attempt to reach out for encouragement and acceptance, but what I was really searching for was acceptance from within. And I’ve found that rather rapidly. Getting back to (and comfortable in) the gym is a returning to the athlete that I once was, and my body has been responding accordingly. More importantly, my energy and spirit have followed. I love my time in the gym!

For several years I have been moving back toward being more of who I am and who I was meant to be. Sometimes in life, relationships and owning a business push you toward walking a path that others want you to be on. Moving back to your own path, however, can upset the energies of people who have cast you in a certain role, and it takes balance to walk your path while maintaining these relationships. In my business world, as well, I have many interruptions throughout the day that I need to be patient with. I also need to work with people who maybe don’t try hard enough to meet our client’s needs, or they don’t give their best performance every day, and this can be frustrating.

In all of this, I need to remain true to my path, listen carefully, not become attached to the negativity or anger that I sometimes face during the day, and remain calm and focused in the face of a busy schedule. This is where I rely on meditation. Meditation early in the day clears my mind of attachments and false expectations. It helps me live in the present. And meditation during the day (often just cleansing and filling breaths before a meeting or a phone call), helps me listen, be in the moment, and speak from the heart and not the ego. It brings me that inner smile.

These are all important lessons for someone who trained to study plants

and animals but finds himself managing budgets, people, and demanding clients. Learning to use and rely on meditation is helping me do all that, while returning to what I perceive to be a path with heart.

Thanks, again…


Michael is a formal online Student of Wholistic Fitness taking his training under WF Certified Teacher, Joseph Sheader. If YOUR personal fitness training is not connecting with your efforts in spiritual/personal growth, isn�t it about time for YOU to become a Student of Wholistic Fitness? Our humble but powerful temple of transpersonal fitness awaits for you with open arms…and a sweat towel! Contact Coach Ilg for a Training Application today!

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