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Namaste Noble Warriors!

oh my gosh…always sooooo much that is seen and felt from my helm…

i struggle to convey to you the magic, the spiritual upliftment that streams daily from the thousands of mind/body fitness warriors that study WF and/or HP yoga…

all i can do in this forum is give you a sense of just how powerful it is when ONE PERSON chooses to be free of conventional thinking and start cultivating bravery to be beautiful.


�The first gift of love is to listen.�


Listen, Warrior, to YOUR body

sit in meditation

feel YOUR mind

be brave enough to be

silent, kind, and strong!

tell your friends:

you can find steve ilg


High Performance Yoga at:


page 188 of the current issue of

Yoga Journal, December 2002

� I’m three weeks into the Green Tara program. Wow.

That’s deep stuff. I feel more powerful than I’ve

EVER felt in my career.

– Bradley Saul, professional cyclist



WF Certified Teacher Jomanji

and his online WF Student Bryan…

RE: Dear Coach, Never in my life have my legs buckled so much. Oh my. Today I faced a dragon, and like the story you sent me months ago, it turned out to be very small. Those 25 ujjayi breaths while in the ai imawa foundation {a Taoist yoga pose used in WF formal study} on top of leg extensives turned out to be a learning experience,

for sure. And insteads of backing off as my muscles quivered and shook I went deeper in the foundation and breathed more slowly and continued the leg extension movement with loving kindness and a slow mind.


This is go(o)d work. The common tendency is to fight, aka resist the burn, the pain…or avoid it. Instead the key is to let go of it as such, observe, and breath thru it. This is what you are learning. There is nothing to be afraid of…the other reactions are fear based.


Dear Steve,

“i loved your class last evening. i can see very clearly how well the yoga

has helped me! i can go beyond the edge and certainly deeper. i have

more energy, i’m truly amazed! i hope you and Kathy continue working in the Valley. No one has ever taken the Valley athletes and Yogis under their wings. you and Kathy need to be commended on your true devotion to Yoga. As you said last night in bow pose,”have a goal” you truly have a goal. to make Yoga and fitness available to everyone, even children.

I bow to you and Kathy.




Student BH:

So question on CV: Why would my knees ache Saturday when i do easy cardio work and not Sunday when i do my intervals?

WF Teacher Sheader:

Biomechanics…think of a horse trotting with you on top….bang bang

bang…now think of the horse galloping….feel the difference? This is why joggers get hurt more than runners. Of course at faster speeds the muscles and connective tissue can suffer if you are not training right….good thing you got me.


common questions to coach ilg:

how come you always take off your shirt while you teach yoga?

common answer from coach ilg:

because i�m not allowed to take off my pants!

i�ve never really liked the whole �clothes thing� anyway.

i�ve always chosen professions in which �play clothes� are mandatory; rock climbing, yoga, outdoor sport coaching, online training, etc.

i�ve only worn a �suit� twice: once on my high school prom, and then on my wedding day. in fact, i think if everybody went naked… more people would probably want to workout to improve their bodies! i know many �powerful people� in the �industry� who would be scared stiff to take their shirt off in front of a group of people. what kind of self-assurance does that speak of?

we came from a tribe of hunters and gatherers…

have we lost our common sense of being naked and feeling alive?


keep it real


try turning off your next light switch with your foot instead of being predictable and using your hand!


Wholistic Fitness Because Your Workout Is Everywhere!

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