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Namaste Noble Warriors!

It was wonderful teaching again at MARK BLANCHARDS newly renovated studio in Studio City! What a gorgeous ‘makeover’! If you have not taken a class there recently, I encourage to go check it out. Schedules are available at:

Just a reminder…for those of you in LA, don�t forget, tomorrow is my HP Yoga workshop:


with Steve Ilg

Saturday, November 16

11:30 am to 1:30 pm

PowerHouse Gym Sports Complex

20914 Nordhoff

Chatsworth, CA 91311

818 775 0300

$20 Workshop Fee

During the workshop I will be going over what i feel are the most valuable things to deepen the benefits and joy of a yoga practice. I’ll be covering material that i have found to be personally and professionally the most effective for yoga sessions. I’ll start with the practical and move into the more esoteric…informative handouts will given to all participants…

1) Discuss the Origins of Yoga

to attain a certain familiarity with the terms and concept of yoga.

2) Demonstrate ways to wisely Integrate Yoga into Personal Fitness

to make sure you get the most benefits from your workouts.

3) Specify the fundamental Healing Powers of Asana

to understand there is a very ancient and precise science of self healing that accounts for that powerful sense of well being that you get from yoga!

4) Outline the 3 Key Internal Locks

so that, with enough quality practice, you just might, one day, lead you to Enlightenment!

I hope to see you (and a friend!) there!

i bow to your devoted Practice,

coach ilg

{steve ilg is a licensed coach and top selling book author who used yoga to overcome serious spinal damage to compete in 5 World Championships in 4 different sports! he is the founder of Wholistic Fitness and High Performance Yoga. if you’d enjoy having Steve present this workshop at a studio near you, contact us at}



online students continue to beam their inner Light!

Teacher Sheader,

Great news to report. I was sitting in a staff meeting at my job this

morning. Several disrupting topics were being discussed. I began to call on the energy of prana and incorporated filling breaths. I was present, but focused on my breath. At lunch, a co-therapist who suffers from Parkinson’s, out of the blue, tells me that she felt like she was sitting next to a calm, tranquil pool of water! It works! She also stated that during this time period her tremors subsided and

she felt peaceful. Very cool! Talk with you soon, running to the store to

get the new Yoga Journal featuring Coach Ilg.


Student Scott Adams

{WF Certified Teacher Sheader still has a few openings for new online students…check out his bio under the TEACHERS link and sign up today as a formal Student of Wholistic Fitness like Scott Adams. And, by the way, it wasn�t a feature, but an advertisement for High Performance Yoga about which Scot referenced in Yoga Journal. }

Dear Coach Ilg,

i have discovered through my practice of Wholistic Fitness and HP Yoga, the source and depth of much of my suffering — a lifetime(s) of being told “you can’t do that…you’re no good…it’s OK to fail here because we know you can’t do it…” sometimes it was subtle (passive aggressive), sometimes it was abusive. It came from family, teachers, coaches, clergy — and it all just reinforced what i felt — “you suck and you are a BAD person, if people really knew you they would really hate you.” So that’s how i lived much of my life, as a “bad” person — chemical addictions, quitting everything i started, toxic relationships, and so on.

It was not until VERY recently that i was turned on to what it all came down to — SHAME (fear). Such a powerful force. A force, as Teacher Heikosan so poignantly stated, that is passed down through generations. To me this IS reincarnation, this IS hell.

Fortunately this awakening included what i consider a true experience of God. For the first time i FELT Gods Grace. i’ve known about Grace, but only at the level of the head. FEELING God’s Grace, was feeling Her Love and complete acceptance of who and what i am — in the “eyes” of the Divine, i’m perfect. So what anyone else thinks REALLY doesn’t mean SHIT – not my family, loved ones, children, students, even you (this too i knew at the level of the head — i used it as a cop out). Since feeling this Love and Grace, i too have become more gracious towards others, less petty, less judgmental, more loving, and more connected. If i, being the worm that i am, am worthy of God’s Grace, so is EVERYONE around me. i realize that it’s not about performance — it’s not about what i can or cannot do. it’s about BEING. In the end, by letting go, i’ve been able to surrender into the Divine Grace, i found what i was looking SO damn hard for.

Often you have talked to me about getting free — i feel SO free, i feel everything and every thing feels me. If this isn’t what WF is all about, nothing is.

Thanks for all you have done to facilitate my journey (especially the stuff i never knew about).

Much Love.


Teacher in Training Roche

{Student Roche, another good and faithful online Student of WF, has recently signed up for our Wholistic Fitness Teacher Training Course! I know that Student Roche will grow into a most beautiful Teacher of our humble, but powerful Path!}

WF Tribal Brother Ron Jones has put together a very cool piece on Jack La Lannes well deserved…Star-On-Hollywood-Boulevard

check it out:

welcome, Susie Stockholm of Woodlands Hills, CA who is privately studying High Performance Yoga with Kathy Ilg. May you enjoy your Journey!


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