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Namaste Noble Herb Eaters!


SUNRIDER HERBS…The Official Nutrition for Wholistic Fitness Warriors!

“An average individual believes in refinement, in becoming finer and finer. He is like an artist who wants to improve the quality of his life and to be better than he is.”

– Iyengar

many who come to my humble, but powerful, Path of self transformation through fitness, wonder why i suggest “getting on the herbs”…which means, becoming a member of SUNRIDER and eating daily dosages of powerful, regenerative whole food herbal formulas. new comers to this Path, will at first shirk from the ‘expense’ of the herbs, saying things like, “geez, my vitamin powder only costs a third of SUNRIDER’s Vitashake!” okay. i don’t force. all in good time.

SUNRIDER products reflect the other components of Wholistic Fitness…intensely effective. those of you who are familiar with my Work of Wholistic Fitness in any way, know this very well, as doing even ONE of my gym workouts, or HIGH PERFORMANCE YOGA classes, or an Interval Session will attest. Why is Wholistic Fitness so amazingly rich and profound when compared to the typical fitness programs available?

Basically, it is because i never train the person or athlete in front of me. i have never, not once, even trained myself and i know myself.

i train the Higher Self in both my students and within myself. when i launched Wholistic Fitness in 1982 to serve as a spiritual path using personal fitness as the vehicle…i coached, taught and authored my books and articles all from the Higher Self perspective. i competed at a World level as a yogi, not a sport specific athlete. to this day, in fact, more now than ever… I trust in peoples innate ability to RISE TO THE LEVEL of a Higher Vibration if you can teach from such a Place. the stinker is in order to teach from a Higher place, you’ve got to inhabit such a place…this is why most conventional fitness trainers can’t even come close to matching the authenticity of WF. they’d rather talk about meditation than to actually sit for twenty years.

I base my coaching and teaching skills with faith in what Iyengar says, “An average individual believes in refinement, in becoming finer and finer. He is like an artist who wants to improve the quality of his life and to be better than he is.”

That is why WF Work receives such applaud and such fear from the common man. Some people still shudder at taking even one of my yoga classes or having me supervise a workout for them! it’s not me, they are frightened of. it’s the effort involved in rising to their Higher Self within.

I ask all my Students to Rise to their Higher Self…through fitness and through diet. This is where the herbs come in. SUNRIDER herbs carry the same potency as do my other teachings in the other fitness disciplines of strength, cardio, yoga, and meditation. if my Students are on SUNRIDER herbs…eating an ILG SUPREME every day…i KNOW that their long term cellular regeneration is on track. it decreases my stress in worrying about them. it’s the Students who aren’t on the herbs that stress me out because inevitably, they are not ‘getting it’…their physical training suffers and their spiritual insight suffers because their Vibratory fitness is not functioning as well as it could.

So it is, heading into the Holiday season…that i thank you so much for your devotion to creating and maintaining your cellular health through wise eating instead of waiting for dis-ease to come along! Dis-ease is an offensive force. Inner energy is a defensive force. In aging, defense weakens while offense increases. Eating SUNRIDER HERBS each day, doing yoga, doing Wholistic Fitness workouts maintains the defense…

Because of your embrace of all this…i humbly bow to your devotion to Higher Fitness!

i hope you do ALL your holiday shopping at SUNRIDER.COM…give the gift that truly can SHIFT people Higher! the website has all sorts of very affordable and cool herbal and skin care packages..and, if you are a member? money back, baby! can’t get that at Macys or wherever! Just be sure to ORDER EARLY…like TODAY!!!!

Here are a couple of things below of interest, but most of all i just wanted to say…thank you for being brave enough to See and Act from a Higher Place. the Place of of Wholistic Fitness and SUNRIDER herbs!

Eat An Herb and keep your Practice strong!

Coach Ilg


Like many of you, i will be visiting home for Thanksgiving. the FIRST thing i do after making a plane reservation? log on to SUNRIDER.COM and have a shipment of herbs sent to where I am going. Here is what my actual order often looks like…just the basics. So when everybody is eating too much, i have my herbs to keep me eating joyfully and appropriately through the holiday cheer:

100145 Calli� Night 10/2.5 g Bags

101035 Fortune Delight� Cinnamon 10/3 g Packs

103011 SunnyDew� 1 fl. oz.

155020 VitaShake� Strawberry 40/25 g Packs

190505 Quinary� 10/5 g Packs Powder

SV 96.40 Amount 115.70


Dear Coach Ilg –

what’s the best sunrider

thing to do for curbing a sugar habit ??

– Shel

Dear Shel –

one of the most amazing products of SUNRIDER is Vitataste…i don’t speak often about it because most of my Work is with fitness oriented people and athletes whom have not a challenge with sugar habits…but i should because nearly 60% of our population is now obese and most of it because of a sugar addiction. SUNRIDER has a tremendously effective product that deletes compulsive sugar attraction….here is the info direct from SUNRIDER.COM

try it…it can’t hurt since Dr. Chen only uses healthy, whole-food herbs, not funky medicinal herbs…i’ve personally used this product to help many people make the Shift to appropriate eating:

– coach ilg


VitaTaste� is an all-natural herbal concentrate and dietary supplement that helps inhibit the taste of sugar.* It is an ideal product to use during demonstrations to show the effectiveness and immediate results of Sunrider’s herbal concentrates. There is virtually nothing on the marketplace that can compare with this product, an excellent example of owner expertise, unique and exclusive formulation. When you do the comparisons, you can honestly say Sunrider is so advanced that there is nothing out there to compare with VitaTaste�.

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. Benefits

* VitaTaste� promotes proper eating habits.* When you cannot taste sugar, the craving for sugar filled foods and beverages decreases. When you begin to eliminate sugary items from your diet, you cut out many empty calories from the diet, a healthy step towards effective weight management.

* VitaTaste� does not contain sugar, chemical additives or preservatives.

* Highly concentrated, just one capsule is all you need before each meal.

Recommendation: One capsule with or without its vegetable capsule before or with meals.

Proprietary Blend: Lycii fruit; wuxue teng (polygonum multiflorum); coix fruit; lotus seed; lotus root; waterlily bulb (lilium brownii); imperate root; fox nut.


Product Code Product Description Price SV Qty

#196501 100 Capsules/Bottle 25.80� 21.50

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