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Namaste Noble Warriors!

Wednesday’s herbal talk in DIRECT LINES inspired some questions and commments from you. i’ve included one from Student Jim below. it got me thinking of just how precious feeling go(o)d is…i reflect below on just how grateful i am have found the wisdom of eating…especially the SUNRIDER herbs…they have helped me unconditionally to move and live here in this big, dirty City as every fiber in me cries for softly falling snow in the pure, rocky heights of the Four Corners…

“Sometime you will have to leave,

to return to the world outside these hushed heavens.

Sometime you will have to leave,

but the spirit will never leave you.”

– unknown

i plasted that on the dash of my Budget Rent-A-Truck when i left my beloved Rocky Mountains for LA six years ago.

autumn is hard on me…i miss so much the sound of softly falling, early winter snow among the changing aspens…

thanks for caring enough to read…

a Q & A from one Wholistic Fitness online student, Jim, in my mail this morning you might find helpful…

Q –

I was reading through Coach Ilg’s Sunrider thing and noticed that he was

ordering a lot of the VitaShake stuff and not that much Quinary (which is

expensive). I have been using the VitaShake in the ILG supreme’s which is a

1:1 ratio with quinary. Are you guys drinking the VitaShake separate from

the quinary? I am curious because you suggested more than one ILG Supreme a

day in the current cycle which I am not sure if I can accomplish.

A: i always encourage a 1:1 ratio with Vitashake and Quinary. REMEMBER: Vitashake is your COMPLETE FOOD: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids…the MORE you eat the BETTER you feed your body and so, the BETTER you feel.

the QUINARY contains over 50 herbs that SUPPORT YOUR FIVE ORGAN SYSTEMS. this is the stuff that makes your immune system freakin’ bulletproof. i moved here to LA from pure, 6,000′ rural New Mexico 6 years ago. that is about the most toxic transitition a person like me could ever place on my body, mind, and spirit. number of times i’ve been ill in the past 6 years: zero.

so really, it just depends on how damn good you want to feel! when in doubt, take more Vitashake, because it is:

1) more complete nutrition


2) less expensive

than is Quinary.

but Quinary is the jet fuel that gives your Spirit the ride of it’s human life because it keeps your Body Temple so strong and empowered.


I am fairly pleased with Sunrider and don’t view an ILG Supreme as all

that expensive of a proposition. Unbelievably, I have pretty much stopped

drinking beer (still hard to avoid the occasional beer) and coffee. The

savings on these expenditures (think one Starbucks) more than offsets the

cost of the Sunrider.

A: It looks like you are feeling what really good nutrition does; it deletes poor and misguided attractions and addictions while increasing the desire for healthy and whole nutrition that lifts your Vibrational fitness!

Good job, Student Jim!

in breath, posture, and herbs,

coach ilg

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