“Racing is a privilege to the genuine yogi. It helps us train the mind in sustained concentration, acceptance of pain as purification, and prepares the subtle anatomy for deeper states of energetic transmission for Enlightenment. No true spiritual athlete can shortcut mastery of the body. Training the body wholistically is the First Base of all spiritual work for the body is the vehicle of the spirit. Racing makes the body and mind fit for the stuff of Self Realization.”
– coach ilg

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the ol’ mountain goat is still at it in 2007!

– From Flagstaff Media Sources:

Local Yoga Teacher Captures First “Flagstaff Winter Triathlon” Title

Steve “Coach” Ilg, 44, of Flagstaff, finished 5th, 2nd, and 3rd overall in a 10 kilometer Skate Ski Race, Classic Ski Race, and SnowShoe Race respectively, to win the First Annual “Flagstaff Winter Triathlon” at the Flagstaff Nordic Center this weekend. Ilg is a Senior Yoga Teacher with the International Yoga Alliance and teaches classes in “High Performance Yoga” in Flagstaff. A self-proclaimed, “simple mountain yogi,” Ilg is something of an outdoor athlete icon; he is a multiple outdoor and extreme sport performance champion, book author, and owner of www.WholisticFitness.com – the nation’s pioneering online fitness training service that emphasizes spiritual growth along with personal health and well being.

The Flagstaff Winter Triathlon is a unique two day, three discipline event which combines the “Arizona Cup” State Ski Championships with the United States Sport Snowshoe (USSSA) Western Regional Qualification Race to test Arizona’s most skilled winter endurance athlete.

Ilg’s times on each course were as follows;
10k Skate Race: 41:43
10k Classic Race: 44:50
10k SnowShoe Race: 1:04:38

Next years Flagstaff Winter Triathlon is tentatively scheduled January 19th and 20th, 2008. For more information visit:

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