Dear Coach,
You mention using a prop for yoga…

search in the SanghaLounge for the Temple Teaching on using props in asana.
for 90% of the time, we only use the foam blocks for my HP Yoga Prop Workout video.

I admire your tenacity and will in the face of the challenges brought forth by your (climbing) fall and think of your battle and attainement as poses challenge me with my body undamaged only unused.

i just told myself; “ilg, don’t do back surgery until you can do Full Lotus. If things have not Transformed then,
get the knife.”

that was uh, over 25 years ago.

and still, Warrior One pose completely pushes my edge.

know this to be True.

Humbling… I imagine you were writing during that time,

i write all the time.
that is why i created DL.
a fighter fights.
a writer writes.
regardless of how many books he or she have seen published.
publication is not validation of being a writer.
writing is.

How long were you on your back, so to speak, before you could move?

barely over a day.
Trust Me,
that was long, long enough to Get The Teaching.

The realization of what had happened to you just after the fall must have been very intense…

nah, as a sponsored winter mountaineer and extreme outdoor athlete; you grow use to dealing with Trauma.
that is why i did it; such extreme sports, if done with Dharma Wisdom, are ideal Bardo Training.
basically, you learn to rely upon the Sacred Mantra A LOT!

In the film about Bruce Lee I remember he suffered a back injury that kept him literally tied to a bed for a year and that’s when he wrote the theory behind his vision of martial art.

i only wish i coulda trained Him.
Master Lee was sadly ignorant about combining categorically diverse energetic energy systems. Many are.
basically He died by blowing a Subtle Anatomical Gasket because he was being typically compulsive/obsessive;
He was immaturely trying to blend Prana with Chi without slowing down, taking enough time to
understand and apply the intense, exotic, and cosmic fire power of what He was playing around with.

such behavior is a predictable trait of the Sport Specific Addition. in Master Lee’s case, He was addicted to
Martial Arts.

A WF Teacher coulda helped Him.

I bow

i bow to my New Shishya.


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