Skis all waxed with chant (5)

herbs eaten, Rituals done (7)

now, ilg, BRING THE CHI!!!! (6)

i can’t recall the last time i did a Nordic Race.
must be well over a decade ago.
i recall winning the Taos Mountain Stampede and the Santa Fe Classic in the same weekend back then.
who knows dates?
who cares?
those of us with “Near Death” experiences know full well;
when the video like montage of our lives pass through our transmigrating cells at the Bardo Entry Moment;
you don’t see nicely organized dates like: September 15, 1974; October 7th, 1998, etc.
all you get are the CHI MOMENTS FROM YOUR LIFE;
those INTENSITY SWELLS of CELLULAR VIBRATION that rivet themselves into the imprint of your consciousness.
not dates.

that is why i race.

because racing is intense.

training for and competing in racing – in all sorts of sport; all sorts of physiologic disciplines –
elevates my Vibration
makes me SEE and FEEL
my life
and our Shared Journey
so much Higher.

wish me go(o)d luck;
i will bring OUR WF CHI into my effort as nobly as this ol’ mountain yogi is capable.

om so ti,
coach ilg; the coach that still does

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