In the Medicine Wheel of Life, injuries are an instrumental part of the Journey.
Most of us will spend the majority of our current lives, recognizing the associated Pains from our countless lives and deaths before this one. The Wise Yogi wastes no time and Sees injuries are Blessings, for they are the Body/Mind Beacon of
Weakness which Must Be Overcome before Enlightenment.

Having a wise Teacher with Direct Experience, not textbook experience, through the Bardo of Injuries, is invaluable. This is where having a WF Online Teacher with the combined experience of Ananda and myself and my Lineage becomes so valuable.
Hec, sometimes we even have to rely upon the Feline Divine Knowledge of Temple Cat Being; Jasper for help in our Online Work! Seriously, however, i know that my communications with my Dharma Teachers have proven invaluable for more (life)times than i wish to recall.

God Bless the Teachers of our Spirits.

This is an actual Online Training Excerpt between Teacher Ananda, myself, and our Student RM.
I chime in at the end of the discussion.

May this help Serve your Practice and allWays remember what i have Taught you all about injuries;

“They don’t call them in-Jurys for nothing. Sharpen your Listening Skills and do your Best to
hear the spiritual Wake Up Call which lies behind the outer injury. So much of solo yoga practice just
matures into exactly what Yoga was originally intended for; a personal science of Self Healing and Radical

– coach ilg, a successful no-drug victor over a paralyzing spinal and pelvis injury.


Dear Teacher Ananda,
Below is 2 – 4 day cycles of our transition cycle. I’m sorry I have been delinquent in sending the 2nd 4 day cycle before now.

it’s all go(o)d. As Coach ilg often counsels; YOU determine the rate and pace of your ascent. Not us.

Experienced a bit of, let’s call it difficulty this past week.

par for the course. i bow to your difficulty.

I believe I’ve managed to pinch a nerve in my neck/upper back somewhere and it has led to a fairly noticeable decrease in my grip strength is the last 2 fingers of my right hand. There is also some pain in my right elbow and shoulder associated w/ this. Any suggestions?

First, i honor your Trust in my counsel. Though it does lay outside my professional capacities.

What i can suggest is this: allow the inflammation to subside.
this also means backing off of anything you TAF (think and feel) might trigger it. i do encourage you though to stay consistent with your prescribed WF Early Morning Ritual, Meditations, and increase of your BioBuilde amino acids as per prior counsel.

You are being asked to Practice patience, which can be a very challenging Teacher at times.
However, Trust that what you are experiencing is all part of the journey. Both Coach ilg and
myself have experienced in some form or another that which you are moving through right now.

Please keep me updated on its movement.

once the inflammation has subsided, i have a HP Yoga Healing Sequence that will help.

In the meantime, stay positive and in communication.

In Healing Light,
teacher ananda


Most Noble Shishya RM,
i would like to see a bit more consistency in your communications with Teacher A.
even dropping us a sentence every few days helps in Ways that are hard to describe.

exactamundo on Teacher A’s counsel; let the inflamed neural tissue decrease. apply SUNRIDER’s SunBreeze Balm to facilitate the inner cooling of the agitated, inflamed, angry tissue.

on the spiritual level, it is wise to remember that neural pain is the Next Level of cellular energy enroute to taming the Kundalini.

so, you know by Direct Experience now, just how intense and difficult to cope with, let alone control is Neural Pain, right?

well, that Pain is just kindygarten…well, okay, maybe elementary school stuff compared to the Cosmic Power that lies locked within Muladhara/Svadhisthana Chakras which will – one day – have to be overcome and controlled with elegance and nearly superhuman mental control. this is why we Practice.

think about this.

love and healing spirit along the Higher Fitness Route,
el coache

1) the WF Temple H(om)e Medicine Wheel built by coach ilg
2) Teacher A and Temple Cat Being Jasper, hard at Service
3) coach begins another session of the button pushing; HP Yoga Healing Routine; “Opening The Energy Vents” available only to WF Online Students

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