McKenzie Westmore; An inspiration to millions. WF Online Student “Mac” remains steadfast in her fitness training regardless of her busy schedule and even through her recent pregnancy. Mac was one of my most consistent yoginis at my High Performance Yoga Studio in Los Angeles. Mac can be seen each weekday as she plays Sheridan on the daytime drama; Passions…or drop by her website and tell her Coach sent you!
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Hi Coach!
Does Cali and Fortune tea need to be cycled? like one month on, one month off? or something like that?Hi Coach!

I love my WF Online Training! Thanks for all your help!! However, it still is not like when i was training with you directly and taking your HP Yoga class! You got me into my best shape ever!

The SUNRIDER Herbs you have me on have been working just great since my baby! I have having 3 cups of Calli Tea per day and a 16oz. bottle of water mixed with Fortune Delight and Sunny Dew!

Thanks Coach!!


Most Noble Mac!


Ain’t using Whole Food Herbs, great! No toxicity! No side effects! No nothing except an ever ascending radiance of health and fitness!

Mac, just be careful of drinking TOO much of each at the same time. i suggest limiting Fortune Delight and Calli to no more than 3 servings each when drinking both on the same day. This is a generalization. People that come into SUNRIDER eating like, well, crap…then i suggest starting MUCH slower such as just one serving of each per day.

Fortune and Calli are both Cleansing and Fat Loss beverages. Drinking too much at the same time
could cause a temporary cellular detox bottleneck within the cleansing organs.

Always a wise idea to rehearse what each is used for:

* Fortune Delight: 
less aggressive on the cells, primarily for ridding incoming dietary fats,  hydrates the cells.

more aggressive at cell membrane cleansing, primarily for ridding impacted bodyfat, pulls heavier toxins from cells than Fortune Delight.

Drinking each creates a sense of Bodily Lightness (Laghuva in yoga) within several months.

Be SURE to use SUNNY DEW whenever drinking Fortune Delight or Calli! Vital!

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