Namaste Coach & Teacher Ananda,
a day of Thanks brings much awareness of things to be thankful for. WF being at the top of the list. Steve and i piled on the layers and rode in 37 degree weather with wind and slight sprinkling rain, that later turned to our first snow of the season, it was a pleasant re-minder of how fortunate i am to be traveling the path of WF.

Before dinner everyone starred at their plates with anticipation for everyone to sit down with their plates to begin. i asked my nephews to all share what they were thankful for that day, a lot of them began talking about all of their ‘stuff’ and then we each took a turn to be thankful for something that wasn’t ‘stuff’. By the time they all took their turn, the food had cooled and everyone ate just a bit slower. it warmed my heart to tell those lil guys that i was thankful to be sharing such a wonderful day with those that were special in my life and to see they all got little grins on their faces. i also said that i was thankful for the bird that gave it’s life…they all stopped and looked at me….’what?’ and i repeated what i had said….one of my nephews said…”uh, Aunt Shawna, i don’t think this bird gave it’s life, i think someone took it.” (kids are so darn smart)… i smiled and said, “you’re right, all the more reason to be even more grateful for the nourishment it is providing all of us.” After we finished we all gazed out the window at the bird feeder and there were a few woodpecker’s that arrived. Now, Coach you told me to find out what the real names of those woodpeckers are and after searching there are 100’s of names for those picidae…we were visited by a Pileated woodpecker and i think what was a Hairy Woodpecker….i TAF you are requesting me to tell you a different name for ‘woodpecker’ and i am not certain where to search.

between your DL entry on “The Go(o)d Foundation” with inspiration from – Sogyal Rinpoche and Student L’Gate’s entry, it inspired me to get The Tibetan Book on Living and Dying. upon ordering a copy on Amazon, their ‘based on the books that you order’ it was recommended that i read Steve Ilg – The Winter Athlete…

Teacher Ananda, it was great seeing you back on your blog and that little Dewa….oh what a beautiful sight!


coach responds;
Master Student Shawna,

beautiful. you’ve got the Goddess Chi flowing for sure, and your ThanksGiving MealTime prayer
will be certain leave indelible ripples in your family (especially the young ones) spirit.

any birder worth the designation spends countless hours pouring over the SIBLEY GUIDE.

and, for feeble ilg to be even mentioned on the same page as Rinpoche is honor beyond belief…

head bowed,
heart open,
spirit giving…

your coach in your corner

ps; you can visit MS.Shawna on the GALLERY page of WholisticFitness.com

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