so, this just happened… another ‘Bear’ of a workout! feeble ilg is running high octane on wild Bear Medicine, with my 2nd Bear standoff with a BIG, BEAUTIFUL bronze-tinged Shush (Black Bear in Navajo) on my MTB in the last month.     today, among the flinging colors of the changing Aspens up La Plata […]

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“Steve Ilg is a remarkable coach, athlete and spiritual man, His approach to physical fitness as a spiritual practice resonates with me in a deep and heartfelt way. As such I recommend him highly to anyone”
Dr. Robert Bishop of LegalShield

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Bear Claw Artistry

Published on Oct 16, 2016 by in Animal Medicine, Teachings


This M(om)ent: Bear Claw Artistry…feeble ilg sees a lot of Bear Claw markings in my beloved h(om)eland…2 of my favs monument my ownwww.WinterWarrior10k.com Snowshoe Race Course at the Durango Nordic Center. I took these this afternoon during Trailwork…. i’ve been in love with this Bear Claw tagged Aspen since i was kid…sadly, i’ve seen the […]

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Published on Oct 04, 2016 by in Animal Medicine, Teachings


Whenever you see Ravens gathered together?  It is a Blessing…a MAGICAL BLESSING, actually!   Raven Medicine means that Magic IS NEARBY!!!  Are you Clear Enough To Receive It!?!?!   Raven, Raven! Black as pitch, mystical as the moon… Speak to me of Magic… and i will fly with you soon! i share this pic i […]

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Screenshot 2016-03-02 18.53.27

Perhaps you’ve heard?

Brother and possibly Sister Jaguar has returned to Turtle Island near the Mexico/AZ border.

Most experts are bewildered at the sudden re-appearance of this most Magnif-Cat…

not feeble ilg.

cuz, the Medicine of Jaguar is Integrity/Impeccability…and what an auspicious time with all the stupid political blabber being bouted about?

Jaguar has c(om)e back to reMind our Human Being species of a Higher, more Whole cause than caucuses..yet, will we GET the Teaching? probably not, unless you are a Wholistic Fitness® Student and/or Practitioner…

in case you haven’t heard, a Jaguar crossed into the southern United States for the first time in 6 decades…
no wonder why to me!…

may the Human Beings get the Animal Medicine of Jaguar’s re-appearance…

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who says an inhale is not High Prayer?

an exhale…a Karmic Cleanse?

feeble ilg reckons

most people have become Sheep – mediocre and incapable of mining spiritual depth from the seeming mundane.


because their Solo Practices and Prayers

have been replaced by…what?

social media? expensive yoga classes led by overly nubile, Prana-clad females? addiction to jobs and money over quality time spent with Loved Ones/family? fancy churches and temples?

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Wake UP and Bite Back at Mediocrity!!!  More Ancient Teachings from the Sacred Spires…

Dewa and Amma ( Joy Kilpatrick ) grinding corn in an ancient Mataté…awes(om)e lower back opener…any wonder that our ‘modern civilization’ which has removed itself so far from functional fitness for everyday tasks and nature suffers from so many dis-eases of body, mind, and spirit? it’s no wonder to me, in fact, it’s embarrassing how soft and weak our species has become due to an ever growing addiction to comfort…

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late seventies, Yosemite Valley: “Camp Four” or “Climbers Camp” (Officially referred to as, “SunnySide Camp”)…
i’m laying asleep in the back tiny camper shell of Vince II, my little yellow sport pick up, and am literally shook awake by a Bear who evidently smelled something other than the fragrant sweat from my last Big Wall attempt…

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