i took this picture of my 90 day-old baby-daughter-Teacher, Dewa, yesterday after She absolutely schooled my lame ass on the metaphysical and yogic translation of one of our most common Nursery Rhymes.

(click photo for even a greater amount of cuteness)

At first, when Ananda and i started to read the popular Nursery Rhymes to Dewa, we both thought, “Jesus, these stories are grim!”

i mean, c’mon…after all these generations THESE are the stories we first read to our kids;

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

All the King’s horses and all the
King’s men couldn’t put
Humpty together again.

However, Dewa was enraptured and looked easily at the pictures, seemingly Recognizing the characters in a Tibetan-reincarnation manner. So, i asked Dewa what She was seeing and feeling in these Nursery Rhymes that i was missing.

Here is what my 2 1/2 month old Teacher told me;


Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,

Dewa’s Commentary:
obviously the Word Choice of “sat” is a play on words; “sat” means that Humpty was “sitting in meditation” and also, “sat” is the yogic term for “Beingness” as in sat-chid-ananda or the blissful state of consciousness that arises when all psychomental phenomena has been transcended.

the word,”wall” is another obvious and multilayered metaphor. at the most elemental level of understanding, “wall” stands for adhyaropa – the erroneous and ongoing predictions about the nature of reality by those still entrenched in Duality. when Humpty (whose shining Crown Chakra makes Him an obvious emanation of Chenreezig) chooses (note the Word Choice in the line; ‘had’ a great fall, meaning it was Humpty’s conscious choice to fall, He didn’t just lose His balance) to “fall” He is in fact performing one of the Highest Acts of Consciously Casting Off The Body Vehicle known as, Sahasrara Mukti or “release through the Thousand Spoked Center”…the top of the skull. Humpty’s great fall was in fact a very High Teaching of Conscious Dying toward an even Higher Realm in which to Serve All Beings. (Note; at this point in our DharmaTeaching, Dewa looked at me with a quizzical look upon my bewildered appreciation for Her wisdom as if to say, “You mean, you parents haven’t figured out THIS stuff, yet? This is like easy-peasy Dharma!”)


All the King’s horses and all the
King’s men couldn’t put
Humpty together again.

Dewa’s Commentary:
well, equally easy to spot is the Word Choice “horses” which, to any yogi worth the tile knows from reading the Bhagavad Gita means, according to Krishna’s instructions to the Warrior Arjuna, the ‘uncontrolled senses’. thus, the line means that the NonPractitioner, addicted to sense pleausure stands no chance at seeing beyond adhyaropa is thereby doomed to an upcoming experience in the Hell or Hungry Ghost Realms until they can control their addictions to comfort and sense pleasures like TV, iPods, gossip, sex, money, gain, fame, etc.

the Word Choice of “King” relates to Kevalin meaning; “That which is alone,” or the Transcendental Self that is devoid of the twenty defects accompanying mere “men” that do not see multiplicity as the cognitive error that it is.

the final line may as well read,
“Until the common man does the lifelong Practices (of doing inner, spiritual work),
there is little chance that he or she will be able to see, let alone Connect,
the myriad, illumined nature of the manifest UniVerse in order to feel the exquisiteness of the non-dualistic Self or Atman.”

at this point in our conversation, Dewa looked at Ananda, saw through her blouse to her nipples and cried. i guess all of Her DharmaTeaching to us worked up Her appetite.

Not too bad for 90-day old, toothless, chuckling, bald headed little Hanuman, eh?

Hell, you should hear what She Taught me this morning about that “cow that jumped over the moon”!

i told you 25 years ago that too many kids are having kids. it requires 100% concentration and time to really Hear what our babies and Their literature try to Teach us.

it all boils down to well,
as the WF Bible says in its entirety;
“Just Listen.”

head bowed,
the rookie dad

photo 1) My live-in DharmaTeacher, Dewachen ilg
photo 2) by Bob Staack
photo 3) open photo

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