On Nov 25, 2007, at 6:14 PM, Mike Singer wrote:

Noble Coach,

Heartfelt thanks for your WF Blessed Mala empowerments. I’m looking forward to receiving them, and to using them in my meditation practice.

When I read your question in today’s DL…

“How does one transcend the awareness of the objects; how does one annihilate the ego;
how does one realize the homogenous totality and absoluteness of the Self?”

…I was instantly reminded of the answer Krishna Das shared at a recent Kirtan here in Seattle. He once asked his guru Maharaj-ji the secret to enlightenment. Maharaj-ji paused a long while. Krishna Das was fully expecting the answer to be a complex set of instructions, something along the lines of: “Chant ‘Hare Krishna’ non-stop for 17 hours while standing on your head and writing your name backwards in the dirt.” As challenging as that would be, Krishna Das was fully willing to do anything his guru told him to do.

Finally, with a tear dripping down his cheek, Maharaj-ji answered: “You lose yourself in love.”

Krishna Das was stunned (and I paraphrase here). “Run barefoot for miles through the Himalayas while chanting a mantra? Sure, no problem. But LOSE MYSELF IN LOVE?! That I was not ready for….”

And so, that is how I would answer Parvarti’s question.

“You lose yourself in love.”

There is an inevitable follow-up question: HOW do you lose yourself in love?”

These days, I would answer simply:

“By listening.”*

More specifically, as I mentioned in a previous email a few weeks ago, “By listening from the heart of silence.”

And then, as I’m pondering what it means to listen from the heart of silence to lose myself in love, I come to the end of your post. As if on cue you end by asking:

“Will your practiced silences this week expand your consciousness?”

A great question.

So this week, I’m loading up my iPod with a whole lot of nothing.

I’ll let you know what I hear.

Student Singer


coach’s note;
WF Online Student Singer consistently knocks me to my coaching knees with his keen and Divinely tuned insights arising from his stalwart Practice of Wholistic Fitness. This is one Warrior who is RIPE for Enlightenment in this lifetime. My SvaDharma with him? same as with all my Students and myself; set up the Energetic Nuts and Bolts for our body/mind/spirit to be fully prepared for age 75; the age when each of us must dwindle all Outer Worldly attachments and follow our Guru’s Directions with 110% commitment in order to either attain Enlightenment or set the Consciousness filaments strong enough to navigate the Bardo with World Class performance and enter Dewachen to continue our Studies of True Self directly under the Guidance of “Coach” Amitabha Buddha. May All Beings In All Realms Lose Themselves In Love

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