me and my own little “First Woman”…Dewachen Ilg. we are both high on the Earth/Sky Chi after 48 hours of being immersed by the ionic field spray streaming from the mouth of the “Yavapai-Apache Garden of Eden” during Day Two of Dewa’s Baptism by Mother Earth and Father Sky. photo by my REAL FIRST WOMAN; Ananda!


..and so the Yavapai-Apache Legend of First Woman goes;

10,000 full moons ago, our Elders spoke with reverence about a Great Flood that was foretold by the Elder Seer that would destroy our tribe. Upon hearing this prophesy, a wise and great warrior of our tribe fashioned a boat by hollowing out the core of a cottonwood log and placed his only daughter into it along with a bird* and some food; these provisions would keep her safe through the coming flood. The daughter, being from fitness blood, survived the Great Flood in the humble log until the waters receded and her “boat” came to rest upon a peculiar point of rock* in what you White Men call, “Boynton Canyon.” If you know how to read the language of the Red Rock, you will still – to this day- see her footprints in the stone.

First Woman, however, was the only living Two Legged remaining from our tribe. She was very lonely. She desperately wanted a son. So determined did she become that she searched beyond her mind through meditation to recall the Sacred Ceremonies. She called upon Grandfather Sun while in deep meditation. He answered. She then called upon Grandmother Moon, and she too answered the sincerity of First Woman’s steadfast meditations. Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon came together to invoke the Rain Gods whose medicine was of Deep Abundance. First Woman thus conceived and our tribe began anew.

Many moons later, First Woman and her grandson established features of our new culture and became patrons of the Medicine Man who transposed her image as a sandstone shrine in “Mother’s” honor which, to this day, stands as an endless guardian angel of rock at the mouth of Boynton Canyon. Even to the least energetically sensitive Tender Foot, the spirit of First Woman can be felt. It is known that First Woman showers her Healing Medicine and Protective Guidance unconditionally to All Beings who enter this Sacred Canyon which is more aptly known as the “Yavapai-Apache Garden of Eden.”.

To this day, our People return at key astronomical times to perform our Sacred Ceremonies, among them an honoring of First Woman, the Creator, and the Great Mystery.

photo #2: Grandmother Moon in her “Cold Moon” garb of yesterday night’s solstice, rises between two Red Rock buttresses very close to First Woman rock formation in Boynton Canyon.

photo #3: Ananda and Dewa strolling beneath the rock formation of First Woman, Boynton Canyon.

* – taken metaphysically, this ‘bird’ could be a Transmission of Uddiyana Pranayama; The Flying Upward (or Bird) Breath which preserves the Life Force (prana) and allows a yogi to ‘hibernate’ during difficult periods.

up next in DL: The Conclusion of My Daughter’s Baptism

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