click the photo to get a great Chi Hit of WF Warrior Andrew Ferguson of Durango, CO cranking to a 3rd Place Overall in the Blue Mountain Winter Triathlon near Monticello, Utah…one of the events that always seems to be in conflict with my own winter race schedule. Andrew is following my 3-Phase Approach to Using SUNRIDER HERBS plus MAP Amino Acids. He is three months into my program and is in the midst of what we Sunrider’s know as a ‘healing crisis’ as decades of impacted fat are slowly, safely released. Andrew is going to race a 90-kilometer nordic ultra marathon this coming weekend in Steamboat Springs, CO! “Should be epic,” he told me. yup. should be. you may recall Andrew from my Race Report; The Tour De Ski Chronicles earlier this year in DL.


Don’t confuse information with understanding.

There are a whole lot of “nutritionists’ with all sorts of initials behind their names and fancy front doors here in Kali Yuga. They are often armed with all sorts of information. However, in my experience, many of these ‘nutritionists’ confuse their informational overload with genuine understanding of nutrition. it is only Direct Experience within all arenas of our amazingly versatile physiology that can provide understanding of nutrition.

an example of this is how i have gone out with ‘nutritionists’ for what i consider to be fairly easy mountain bike ride or mountain run. these ‘experts in nutrition’ have a rather hilarious tendency to absolutely bonk or otherwise be unable to produce ongoing energy or threshold capacities from their bodies. so, i give them the benefit of the doubt and invite them into the gym or rock climbing. same thing; their bodies have not been wisely nourished in the deep fiber area of physiology and they seem to have all the strength of a mosquito. less even, if you consider strength-to-weight ratio. so, giving these poor souls another benefit of WF Doubt; i compliment them a yoga class. like a final nail in the coffin, their bodies which do not even gleam with radiant health, is stagnant with chi and their suppleness and agile movement is absent.

why would i, or you, go spend $200/hour to be ‘counseled’ by such a creature lacking in Wholistic Fitness?

Noble Yogi,
do not confuse information with understanding.

you can GOOGLE “steve ilg” or “wholistic fitness” or “samadhi” yet you will not understand anything.

what feeds the body, what truly nourishes the body is Direct Experience within Wholistic Fitness; the entire body becomes balanced and nourished by the WF Five Disciplines, while our emotional health is balanced and nourished by the WF Four Lifestyle Principles. very simple, really.

for most of us, we will have to continue asanas (in WF this means not only yoga asanas, but also strength training and cardio training) for some time.

know that asanas (fitness training) and spiritual effort constitute your mission in life. that is why you are reading this, right now.

i am Here Now to guide you appropriately with understanding gained from over 25 years of unconditional sweat and stillness along the Path of the Ancient Masters.

always remember that the challenges in your life are in fact an overflowing stream of yoga…
let your thoughts, actions, smiles or tears be within the realms of your yoga consciousness.

i have full Faith in you.

you are the message of my Yoga.


some Questions and Answers and other Spiritual Cairns Along The Steep and Direct Path;



I spent another week in bed and have now been back functioning for about a week. I’m out cardio commuting every day, and really working my connection with the land …. That’s what it was, Coach. That’s what moved me so strongly in Student A’s words (see DL of 3/7/08), the recognition that he feels the connection to place as strongly as I, and as you. You know, I feel affinity with most of our tribe, of course there are always some with whom the bond feels much stronger. A’s a strong one.
– love student s

Dear Student S,
chi bumps fall through my skin to my cells…
you, A, and i are spiritual family; endless is our Sacred Hoop…
may we manifest in Dewachen within a Lotus Blossom and attain Enlightenment quickly under the direct coaching of Amitabha Himself
and may our Emanations bring All Beings In All Realms Toward Enlightenment;
we CAN DO THIS!!!!!!

i LOVE that phrase:
Connection To Place

thank you,



Namaste! And a heart-y congrats on your State Nordic championship – amazing! While I have not seen you address it explicitly in DL, I assume (dangerous word choice I know) that your stellar results this season indicate that you successfully resolved your exercise-induced asthma (or whatever the official diagnosis was) from last season. I ask this for a reason. My dear friend M has battled Hodgkin’s Disease for the past three years. The growths have centered on her lungs, so her chemo / radiation treatments have focused there as well. The Hodgkins is being held at bay for the moment, but the treatment has left her with much scarring on her lungs, and she recently had to be hospitalized for an air leak in one of her lungs. She is getting terrific Western care at Sloan-Kettering in New York, but they don’t have much to say on the regeneration front. I was wondering if you have any counsel to offer her based on your experience.

Thank you.

Student L’G

Most Noble L’G,

thank you for the congrats!

to overcome my “Cold Triggered Exercise-Induced Asthma” of last winter i relied upon:

Phases I, 2, and 3 of Sunrider plus
extra Conco (6 caps x 2 daily)
extra Alpha 20x (2 scoops into Ilg Supreme)
MAP Amino Acids – 3 caps per 40 lbs of Bodyweight, 3x daily.
Ultimate Omega (fish oils); 2 caps daily
extra vitamin b-6

let me know how i can further Serve…

head bowed…

the regenerative nutritionist from direct experience,




Dear Coach,
i read today that the Vatican released new and official “sins” for the modern age. i know you grew up Catholic and was wondering what you TAF’d about these new “sins”?

– your humble student g

Beloved G,
God Bless The Catholics.
they need it, or so it seems.
actually, they probably – like all Human Beings – just need to sweat
a little more intensely and frequently; grounds out the intellectual approach
to Yogi Jesus’s world-class handling of suffering and spiritual ignorance.

the only sin is laziness.

Buddha – who arrived early in Kali Yuga (current spiritual dark age) to impart needed spiritual tools for humanity’s glissade into the spiritual pandemonium of of Kali Yuga – always used avidya or spiritual ignorance – not sin, as the common destructor of our original God Nature.

thus, yoga views man’s obstacles primarily in terms of avidya (unlike by comparison, sin). Man simply does not understand he is God so the solution is enlightenment, or an experience of union with God.

May Go(o)d Bless All Beings Sadhana,

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