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courtesy of God’s Country; The American Southwest

sunset, Homolovi Ruins State Park, Arizona. the celestial shaft of light illumines the outline of the Sacred Peak of Doko Oosliid beneath which the WF Temple lies.
photo by steve ilg, July 11, 2008

Most Cherished Sangha,
on this night of nights,
humble ilg feels so…serene.
i’ve taken pilgrimage to Hopi Land
raced two 10k Traditional Hopi Footraces along thousand year old trails cut straight up into mesas where no white man has ever traveled.

i have a story to share,
yet words,
on this night elude me…
i am weary,
my feet blistered,
spirit has been tested, torn, and Healed by a Love from a Hopi Village
and a family that accepted me as their own.
what, exactly, happened to me for the past two days?
how could i be the Receiver of such a cascade of deep miracles
and infused Ancient Spirit which seems thought-proof
to recollection save for a penetrating bliss and serenity and power
beyond words
yet is so deeply interwoven with the natural world
that my fingertips feel like tears upon the keyboard.

6:00 am, Saturday, July 12, 2008. Moments before a Hopi Warrior made prayers and blessed us before the start of a 10k Traditional Hopi Footrace across the mesa land near the Little Colorado River…

allow your feeble teacher
a m(om)ent…
i’ve yet to re-center myself in the
Western World after this immersion into
the Real…

i must synthesize what has transpired,
what has Blessed my cells
through excruciating sweat
hawks, sandstone rimrock, infinite vistas
all saturated with spirit
of the Ancient Ones…

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