Okay, okay, okay…

THANK YOU for ALL the wonderful gifts and words and congratulations over the past year of Dewa’s life and Joy’s and mine as Rookie Parents. i’ve attempted to maintain at least a slight degree of Professional Priorities and limit my Dewa’s Image to nominal exposure to DL Subscribers and ultra-nominal to IDL’rs.

Anyway, in response to popular demand, here are three of my recent pics of Rinpoche Dewachen…the first, “Sunset With Dewa and Joy” has officially become the most popular WF “ScreenSaver” of all time (2nd place is that pic of me “Pinnacle Jumping” in the Cascades – see the Gallery. Oh, that Pinnacle Jumping card of mine?, i’ve heard, has actually been made into a Hallmark Card for God’s Sake!

The second pic was taken within the same few precious minutes as the First One before we lost the backlight of the sunset…

And the third and final pic i took just the other day…both Joy and i remain absolutely maniacal worshippers of Dewa’s Feet…i mean, they ARE the Holy Feet of Our Rinpoche, right? You GOTTA Worship the Feet of Ones Teacher, right?

Enjoy…click on pic to enlarge and you let me know which one makes the most happiness ScreenSaver for you…i need to let Dewa know…

Sunset With Dewa and Joy. photo by steve ilg.

Sunset With Dewa and Steve. photo by steve ilg.

Rinpoche’s One Year Old Feet With Amma. photo by steve ilg.

coming up this Weekend for DL Subscribers:
A Virtual Tour of “3-Chi Manor” the new Temple H(om)e of WF
(and where you REALLY need to come and stay for an Intensive or Retreat…we have our own GuestRanch for you on premises!)


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