“…yogis that skip daily Pranayam for the sake of “Meditation”
run a very dangerous and real risk of imbalanced Neural, Nadic, and possibly Kundalini Awakening and many other physical, mental, and energetic dis-eases.” – coach ilg

photo: your humble coach as few of you have seen me, immediately in my post-pranayama meditation. photo; Temple Files


Non-Formal Student:
I’m not doing any specific pranayama practice. I know I should but that time had to be given over to meditation.


Pranayam concentration comes before meditation.
Pranayam is training for meditation.
remember the order of Practice Priorites straight from the Enlightened Ones:
1st and 2nd: Yama and NiYama (these are allWays works in progress!)
3rd: Asana to strengthen the Nadic System and concentration skills and breath/pranic empowerment
4th: Pranayam to deepen the Nadic and concentration Fitness and stoke the Kundala
5th: Pratyahara to establish a relationship with Sushumna Awareness and Chidakasha
6th: Dharana: sustained concentration
7th: Dhyana: meditation occurs only as a Training Effect from #6
8: Samadhi: Training effect from mastery of all the above.

yogis that skip Pranayam for the sake of “Meditation”
run a very dangerous and real risk of imbalanced Neural, Nadic, and possibly Kundalini Awakening and many other physical, mental, and energetic dis-eases.

get my Early Morning Ritual (EMR) DVD
establish abhyasa (steadfast practice) in using it; EVERY MORNING!
after 3 months of EMR abhyasa, contact me.

Non-Formal Student:
Once a few of my classes end for the semester, I should have some more time to devote to that. I also have decided to take at least 6 months to a year off from teaching yoga once I move to SD. I want to spend that time just taking class and going more within.


wise call.
less classes,
more within

you have studied soooooooo much…
remember Jois’s classic counsel:
1% Theory, 99% Practice.

your Nadic Fitness and Balance
and the Awakening of Sushumna
are NOT to be further delayed.
and they don’t need ‘classes’ to be developed;
they require one thing:
Solo Practice.

so the recipe i suggest:
•) EMR every day
•) SUNRIDER Herbs; every day (i’ve outlined your precise intake below)
•) MAP Aminos every day (i’ve outlined your precise intake below)
•) no less than 8 hours of Cardio per week with at least 1.5 hour at Zone 3
•) read DL every day as Svadhyaya
•) Solo Asana into Meditation 3 times per week on non-consecutive days
•) one HP Yoga; PROP WORKOUT per week

Non-Formal Student:

Regarding my bodyfat:
A friend of mine measured about a month ago. He says its at 30%…I’m not sure if that is accurate as I can actually see muscle definition. I’ve lost about 60 pounds in the past two years. But, my desire is to lose about 25 – 30 more, so of course I want to lose more bf. I want to see how tight and toned I can get.


with ‘friends’ like that, who needs enemies?!
see above counsel and below SR and MAP intake counsel

Non-Formal Student:

Regarding my Channupa ceremony:
Well, I am writing this after a VERY thought provoking lodge:) For me channupa is a way for me to just simply pause. The ceremony allows me to get out of my head and focus on prayer and gratitude. it reminds me that my energy is no more significant than that of the trees or stones or other beings. That we are all interconnected by a great spiritual energy. it gives me the space to give the gratitude for all that has been given to me so that i can live. it reminds me also of my responsibility as a steward of this planet and renews my committment to make positive change.

As far as the channupa itself. that is my connection to my higher self. My belief is that when i take in the smoke my prayers come from my dan tian and embed in it. With the exhale I sent the prayers to Father sky and all the spirits of the directions. It again is a physical reminder that my life is a prayer and everything that gets exhaled…thoughts, emotions, and words…are also prayers.

If I do ceremony for some one else, which I do on occasion if asked, i use the exhale to send love their way. We can never know exactly what the person needs on their path but we can always send love to help them.

Overall, its about coming back to my highest integrity. I realize the things that i am creating drama around are truly just my illusions. It centers me and grounds me.

Interestingly, I was thinking about this question on the way down to lodge. This lodge showed me very specifically how terrified i am of actually being successful in the things that are coming my way. I realized that I didn’t feel “good enough” to be as good at what I do. So…I do believe that I will be sitting with Channupa quite a bit before I make this next transition.


feeble ilg approves greatly of your Channupa.
engage it fully by using the 4 WF Lifestyle Principles.
just remember, the only SweatLodge that truly matters
is your Body Vehicle. mastery of learning how to crank up
its hot and cold capacities and learning how to withstand
extreme temperatures (which are the first initial ‘feelings’ that
must be concentrated through in the Bardo) is vital. how few modern yogis
remember and honor and practice the fact that the Highest Spiritual Teachings
came from those who lived each day in brutally cold temperatures
on the Tibetan Plateau at 13,000′ minimum! Practice even-mindedness
during extreme temperatures is far more critical to your yoga Practice
than a fancy backbend or handstand! i suggest winter mountaineering in Canada
and ultra racing through places like Death Valley as Bardo Training 101.

Non-Formal Student:
I am headed out to SD on Tuesday and have a few exams prior to that. On Wednesday i should have time to order the MAP…so excited:)


“The excited mind is the sick mind.” – Lao Tzu
pace thy enthusiasm, oh noble yogini!

• your SUNRIDER HERB INTAKE should be this for the next 3 Months:

* (if time allows: 1-2 cups of Regular Calli w/Sunny Dew)
* 4 Action Caps
* 2 MetaBalance 44
* 1 Fruit SUNBAR

* 1-2 packages of Fortune Delight with Sunny Dew (one package mixed with a standard water bottle full of water)
* another SUNBAR
* 4 Action Caps

* 2 Slim Caps
* 2 FiberTone
* Calli Night with Sunny Dew (1-2 cups)

MAP INTAKE for the next 3 Months:
email me after you have joined as an affiliate of mine
ilg’s MAP website

and i will forward the guidelines.
i suggest getting on a 2 bottle/month auto reorder.

head bowed,

el coache

if i appear to be taking a Hard Line with this particular Student it is only because i love her so. she is grossly (over?)certified yoga teacher and a fantastic karma yogini. her tendency is to be a yoga workshop junkie and not do everyday Solo Practice.
– coach ilg

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