Dear Coach;

Thursday: done morning EMR + neti
Friday: none
Saturday: done morning EMR+ neti
Sunday: done EMR and neti after work.

• GOOD JOB!!!!!

I have taken MAP three tablets every morning, and Fortune delight at
night (not every night).
Regarding SR starter pack, it contains Fortune delight and Vita shake,
and the rest is somewhat irrelevant (vegetable wash, tooth paste,
etc). Let me know what my SR regimen should be.

• well,
let’s just ride it out this month with your Fortune Delight and VitaShake.
i messed up.
i should have had you order the Sunpack instead of the Starter Pack.
it’s okay though; the VitaShake is a TERRIFIC PRODUCT and forms the
basis of my Phase Two, which you’ll eventually do anyway…
you can mix the VitaShake into Soy Milk and even add fruit into a blender for a
HUGE CHI HIT that feeds and supports the whole body. the VitaShake is really
terrific as a whole-body tonic….the more you eat of it the Higher you Vibrate!

So, just eat at least one VitaShake per day…either in water (tough guy) or
as a shake described above.

drink one Fortune Delight + a squirt of Sunny Dew per day…update me on your
response…maybe we can increase it later.

one Fortune Delight package into a standard water bottle is perfect.
you can also prepare it as a hot tea; Delicious!
always be sure to squirt a little Sunny Dew into each serving of FD…they are symbiotic formulas.

the Fruit and Veggie Rinse is INVALUABLE! like all SR products, it is HIGHLY CONCENTRATED
so just get a little Spray Bottle and put a small amount of F&V Rinse into it with water…then,
spray it on ANY veggies or fruits before you wash it. it also makes a FANTASTIC non-toxic household cleaner!
we use F&V Rinse more than any other SUNRIDER product!

the toothpaste is GREAT…remember, just a TINY drop of it will work big time!

if you have any questions on anything else, let me know.

a few days before you run out of the VitaShake and Fortune Delight, let me know..
we’ll make up your Phase One order, okay?

I have to tell you
that Fortune delight and Vita shake agree with me very much. This
might stem from your enthusiasm, but in any case, they feel soothing
and energizing at the same time.

• congratulations! welcome to your INTUITIVE WISDOM TELLING YOU: “I WANT MORE OF THIS STUFF!!!” that is a GREAT description of how TRUE NUTRITION should feel to you:
soothing and energizing!
welcome to the HERBS!

Thank you for the advice on word choice. My wife says I have negative
vibe occasionally, and it is my intent to change that.

• before Change,

really, really, really Practice SLOWING DOWN before you speak…
a moment of inner spaciousness will work Word Choice Wonders!

When I do neti, my left nose/sinus feel OK (it was very sensitive at
first, and it gets better now), but my right side feels almost
burning. My right side is partially blocked as it becomes obvious
when I do pranayama.

• perfect.
be sure you are not using too much salt.
the salt into your Neti pot must be non-iodized.
the Work of Purification is going to take a while,
and the balancing of nostril energy/flow is tantamount to spiritual awakening.
more on this later;
for now; just do the EMR Practice.

When I do forward fold, I do not feel much stretch at hip joint. What
am I doing wrong?

• maybe nothing.
•? do you feel a stretch anywhere else?
•? is your spine straight as you bend forward, or rounded? it cannot be rounded…it probably is.
•? is your belly hollowed out during the forward fold? it should not be…it probably is.
work on these things and update me.

My current program ends at November 23.

• you are doing GREAT! definitely PAR for the Course of your first WF Program!

Head bowed with more determination,

• and More Awareness!


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