Power Yoga?

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“A true sign of progress along a genuine path of wholeness is when our conditioned, inculcated Human Interpretation is slowly being replaced more and more frequently by Divine Perspective.”
– coach ilg

photo: Ananda looks out over the birthplace of Wholistic Fitness, my Beloved San Juan Mountains near Telluride, Colorado.


What most people, even Yoga Teachers, call ‘Power Yoga,” is actually, more accurately, called, ‘Power Asana.’ And any form of asana is but a tiny little cog within the science of Radical Self Transformation which is the definition of Yoga.

As far as my professional observations, as well as my ongoing self gut-checks, most of us only consider Yoga like a hobby…not too far apart from eating chocolate, drinking wine, or watching sports.

It will help all of us to begin our day using the following WF Start-The-Day Grounded Technique of cleansing our tongue with a tongue scraper while repeating; “Purification of Speech today, Purification of Speech today…”

Then, drop into a yogi squat, feeling the tightness of our hips/lower back and brush our teeth using our Non-Dominant Hand while repeating the phrase, “I am yogi, I am yogi; Devoted toward Wholeness, not imbalance…”

My personal attainments in what most people call, “Power Yoga”, is far away from a chaturanga-type of fitness. My personal attainments in Power Yoga pivot instead upon using the notion of inner power to transcend my spinal/pelvic injuries by graduated systematic yogic science and application and again using the notion of inner power to overcome my smorgasbord of negative and lazy and reactive and defensive and dualistic tendencies.

This to me, is “Power Yoga” and hallmarks the rasas of the message of my life and teachings.

– coach ilg
creator of Wholistic Fitness®, America’s Native Form of Lifestyle Yoga

for a more complete view of Coach’s notion of Yoga, make it a point to read TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION into his latest book; PRANIC JUNKIE.

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