{this exchange is with a young local yogini who came to me to ‘cure’ her absolutely butchered-from-various-doctors knees. if i had a dime…anyway, she is taking private bodywork/yoga with me along with my prescribed EMR and MAP Amino Acids. Within three sessions, things are starting to heat up…at the most important Level; the Inner Energetic Grid…)



I don’t know if there is time for this during our next Session, but could you give a little attention to my ankles or direct me to some movements that may be helpful? My right ankle just feels off….its hard to explain but perhaps we can look at it.

your right ankle is going off because your L. illium rides high and the pelvic shifting has started!!!! those Floorwork sessions are effective! this is great news. there is nothing we do directly at the ankle for right now…if the ankle carries within her past trauma, the pelvic shifting is going to arouse those stagnate energies. all is go(o)d. soon, your ankle will come into alignment, an alignment capable of sustained JUMPING!!! focus on the podium of healing for you and KNOW that your ankle going off is a go(o)d sign!!! quit taking Pain as a sign of weakness and see it for what is truly is; a shining beacon of Purification!

Yogini K;
There is a stiffness that can be difficult to walk on as though the bones are not aligned correctly. Crepitus is pretty normal in my ankles and I wonder if that is part of it. Nothing interesting or tramatic has happened recently but I used to sprain both ankles quite often. Yikes!

do not worry.
ilg is rebuilding you.
from within.
no one yet has cared enough to take all this hands-on time with your healing and the follow up and the adjusting…
i do.
you just follow the Program/Process and appreciate the fact that you will never see this Terrain again as you Rise Above your Knee In(jury).

Yogini KK:
Oh, I am getting so much better at brushing my teeth with my non-dominant hand–pretty exciting.

!!!!! yeah baby!!! oh, the sweet, subtle victories of the WF Lifestyle!!! Love it and Love you for being so devoted!

Yogini KK:
I will continue the EMR snotfest struggle…however, I am bad at following through with the pranayama when I am in earshot of others–especially when one nostril is all stop.

i swear to Lord Vishnu i will kick you to kingdom come
if you keep up this egoic, childish behavior!
being ashamed of doing pranayama is RIDICULOUS!
it’s all the other people that DON’T PRACTICE Pranayama
who come to pre-mature dis-ease and suffering and death at their own ignorance!
be BRAVE, Yogini!
what do you think i am Teaching you if it is not to live your Light OUT LOUD!
if they have questions, you just smile inwardly and tell them, “Talk to my coach, i’m just following his instructions.”

stay FOCUSED Yogini!
do NOT let the opinions of others
dampen your Inner Fire!

head bowed,

el coache

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