Dear Steve,

Can you please advise? I have ‘experimented’ with yoga in the past but get disillusioned after a few weeks as I don’t seem able to increase my flexibility. I have especially tight hamstrings and lowerback/hips. At the moment I do do a cardio workout (cycling/power walking) 3-4 x week followed by at least 10 minutes of stretching. Again I am getting frustrated as I don’t seem able to increase my flexibility. Many, many, many years ago I used to body build and a am wondering if this might be the cause (I accept I may just not be very flexible but would have thought I should be able to increase it more than I have to date). I think it is time to dedicate a little more time and effort to something like yoga, however I still want to get a work out (I have two children under 5 and so must make the most out of my workouts). Do you think you might have a DVD that would suit me?


Mandy Choat

ps. I live in a small town in australia and cannot get to a class.


Most Noble Fitness Warrioress Mandy,

1) hang in there.
ilg was paralyzed.
you can’t get any stiffer than that!
if ilg can stick with it, you can too.

2) Practice Patience.
as a Wholeness Warrioress, you must understand that you are doing something that most are too timid, too weak to
attempt; you are attempting to attack your Weaknesses for the sake of Wholeness.
that requires far more strength and nobility than merely ‘doing what you are good at.”
so, ilg wants you to Rejoice In Your Process Of Wholeness…and apply PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE!

3) get Joy’s (my Partner) DVD:

Joy’s QuickFix Power Yoga DVD

you can do either one, two, or all three of the 10-minute segments.
Joy designed the entire yoga program for people just like you…as a Mother herself, she knows
how precious a 10-minute slot is for Solo Practice.

May this Help your Journey, and keep me updated… ilg cares for your Wholeness…

love, sweat, and stillness,

coach ilg

head bowed and Dharma Blessings upon thy Practice and May you realize your Practice everywhere,

coach ilg
founder/Wholistic Fitness® and High Performance Yoga®

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