Most Treasured WF Sangha,
it would take only my most Devoted long-term students to remember this
ever-grinning elder Devotee of WF, “Fit Kit” Johaneson
from Vernon, British Columbia
shown above with Dewa yesterday. (Fit Kit brought Dewa that adorable hat)

When i first met Fit Kit, i was living in Santa Fe…the year was 1993.
as an Ironman Triathlete who wanted to take study with me,
i put him through an initiation test;
“Riblet Intervals” up a black diamond ski slope on snowshoes.
he made it. barely.

after i accepted him as a student Fit Kit replied after his first WF Private Intensive all those years ago,
“You know, i first came to WF as training for Ironman competitions.
Now, i compete in Ironman to train for WF!”

Just like our first meeting many moons ago,
Fit Kit and i are about to immerse ourselves into the dawn twilight and skin up the Sacred Peak. me and my 65 year-young Ironman Triathlete/WF Devotee.
Tribal Brothers.
going uphill…toward the Purest of Summits…together…

Fit Kit is staying here and we’re doing Mt. Taylor this weekend!

coming up next in DL?
i’ll introduce you to my new Mixed Pairs partner for Mt. Taylor this weekend as we
attempt to recapture the Championship as A(nother) Fair Pair of Mountain Yogis
as our Mixed Pair name; a tribute to me and Lisa Goldsmith’s shattering of and still standing Course Record when we competed as; A Fair Pair of Mountain Yogis.

Fit Kit?
you don’t think he drove his van here from BC
loaded with bikes, skis, snowshoes, and running gear
not to solo it, do you?

i first planted the Seed for Fit Kit to do Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon
when i first met him.
he’s kept that dream alive and his Training has thus been Blessed…
he is stronger than ever and come Saturday,
he is going to soar with the Tsidool spirits…

how about you?

why are you waiting to take Pilgrimage to the Sacred Peak of the Tewa, of the Diné…
of South…

read about “the Quad” here

until then,
may all your Sweat be Sacred,

coach ilg
most winningest competitor/Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon

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