Barefoot Running…

Published on Apr 28, 2010 by in Cardio, Injuries, WF History


as far back as 1985, i began writing and teaching about barefoot running and continually questioned the band-aid type of ‘performance-enhancing inventions’ streaming forth from the running shoe companies. not to say that i wasn’t one of the many envious gawkers when Mike Folwell was the first kid in Durango High School to go to school wearing the brand new Nike® Waffle Trainer! later in my life, in fact, i managed a running shoe store up on “The Hill” in Boulder, Colorado and one point possessed an astonishingly colorful ocean of 28 pairs of running shoes in my closet. oh, the Attachments!

anyway, a few years ago you first read about my product testing of a ‘new’ product called Vibram FiveFingers® right here in this column and my positive embrace of them….

well, the Outer World always does eventually catch up with Wholistic Fitness® and now even my Amino Acid sponsor is jumping onto the bandwagon of Barefoot Running:

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