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the Dharma of a Maha Yogi known as Jesus Christ, who was, without a doubt, the world’s most extreme athlete and most beautiful example of a Peaceful Warrior. i mean, with all due respect, i don’t TAF that even the current crop of our best Extreme Athletes these days; pro bull riders, those ‘wrestlers’ and ‘cage fighters’, and snowboarders would ever dare do what Jesus did for us to try to Wake Us Up. well, maybe they would if their Agent could arrange royalty-delivery into the Bardo. however, that’s just it; today’s studio-addicted yogis and adrenalin-addicted extreme athletes have not done enough Inner Work to even have clue as to maintaining Consciousness through the initial suffering and death process and re-surrect their purusha (inner Soul) back into prakriti; the manifest universe on this Plane(t) –

it’s beyond, beyond, WAY beyond us. how many of us DO have the Gumption to study internal development artistry like did Yogi Jesus in His ‘lost years’ in the desert before being Brave enough to live our Love of God out loud in such a Way that His LifeMessage still captures the imagination of our ADD society?

let this feeble mountain yogi go on record once again to profess my utter Love and Respect and Awe for that beautiful, powerful, humble Master of Life; Yogi Jesus Christ…a few of His Words may help us through the Next Week to stay centered;

“Never eat a meal until you Bless it with the Meaning of God.”

“Whoever welcomes a child, welcomes me.”

“Sell your riches and give to the poor, for your Heart will always be with them.”

“Your body is more than your clothes.”

“Which of you by being anxious adds to the quality or length of your life?”

“A true Messenger of God must suffer at the hands of and then be rejoiced by the people of his day.”

“Pray that you do not enter into Temptation.”

from this body full of pain and love
i wish only to shower upon you, Oh Noble Fitness Warriors,
the strength and spirit of Yogi Jesus and
be not Tempted too much by the insidious play of the Outer World,
a World addicted to EnterTainment instead of the One that Yogi Jesus
encouraged us to cultivate; InnerAttainment.

that is all.

Om So Ti,
your loving coach

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