parking lot; Durango Mountain Resort…all-ways known to me as ‘Purg’ or Purgatory…my chi-ldhood temple of skiing. taken today after bringing to a close my 53 days of skiing this year which included an unprecedented 7 podiums in 7 starts. ilg rather doubts i’ll ever be able to duplicate my 2010 winter season. as a New Daddy, my victories will now become more and more internal and vicariously lived through the expression of Chi through Dewachen. and that’s quite awlright by me.
come…i’ll take you skiing with me today as i tearfully re-visted and re-ripped through the splendor of my most cherished Temple of them all…where WF got her roots…”up at the area”…Purgatory, “A Helluva Place To Ski”…
taken from the ‘Upper Hades’ Start Gate. can’t tell you how many times i nearly pissed my Spyder racing suit as i punched my ski poles into the Launch Pad of this Start House before GS and Super G races back in the day. click on these photos to get a grip on the inherent chi. if it wasn’t for WF, which forces us to target our weaknesses instead of our strengths? i swear i coulda won Gold at the Olympics in either the Giant Slalom or Super G. there is in an inborn tendency (klesha…see this weeks’ DL Teachings) of mine; ilg can ski downhill fast and as if Guided From Above. the key to fast skiing is the same as in asana; Learn To Let Go. what fun! i can’t wait to share these Precious Slopes with Dewa and Joy in the winters which lie ahead.

these are my Telluride friends with whom i hooked up with by the Grace of Brahman to ski the brand new double-diamond terrain, “McCormacks Maze.” i know Bill, photo left, from nordic racing in these parts. the bro on the right told me, “oh yeah, we just skied this run last ride…you’ll love it…it’s really open…”

here is what “really open” ski terrain looks like to a Telluride skier:

see that?
that to ilg…who was trained to go really fast on perfectly groomed ski runs
looks a wee bit TIGHT! it was great though and WF totally came through today…

…i skied about 10,000 vertical today…

…and felt as if i had been alpine skiing all year.

this is the time of year where i attempt to move my competitive chi from “free heels to two wheels”…and the fact that i was able to get 2nd place Overall at the Agassiz Uphill in February and then, within 31 days, get 2nd place in my AG at the 50-mile Tierra del Sol road bike race once again proves the Path of WF.

however, today, as i revisited my h(om)e slopes of Purg; Peace, Boogie, Snag…a boatload of emotion welled up within me with each chairlift ride. it was on these very chairlifts where i – as a small kid really – used to practice Mula Bandha Meditations without even realizing what it was that i was doing, nor why i was doing it!
on the way back h(om)e…an opera of the elements opened up before me…an impeccable timing of a Great Blue Heron overhead as i drove past Needles Lake at 8,000′ just as the Hermosa Cliffs poured their beauty into my cells…i broke down for the second time since moving back to Durango and cried…
Tears of an old man tired…
Tears from a boy still inspired…
ilg ain’t lookin’ for answers no longer,
just wanna in-Joy the ride
and keep training for what will certainly be the most incredible m(om)ent of life;
the Last Gasp.
i love each and every one of you…
and if you haven’t yet scheduled your Durango Private Intensive with me,
please do.
life is short.
chi is too precious to waste.
live by the chi…live WF.
die by the chi…die WF.
Pursue the Great Sprit which sings endlessly in thy cells…
om so ti,
feeble ilg

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