…and other Wholistically-wise Elders speak of our nation’s TRUE cross-training origins; WF!…

Hey Coach!
I remember talking with you about this stuff when you were training me at Farentinos Gym (in Boulder, CO).

Suffice to say that was ages before anyone bothered trademarking “Crossfit.”

Kind of sad how that new religion has screwed things up for a lot of people.

Author Clyde Soles
Boulder, CO

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coach responds:
Most Precious Brother Warrior CS! thanks for the Metta, bro! yeah…”if only”… WF back in the eighties was like the Hippies in the ’60’s… “if only” the Outer World would have listened to a more spiritually-oriented, instead of a body-oriented, approach to personal lifestyle fitness… oh well… life in Kali Yuga… Blessed be thy sweat, your endless coach and bro

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