The nation’s only remaining wood-burning engine that is still operational. please; click to appreciate…you can see the stack of wood behind the Engineer!

Yup, Durango’s RAILROAD DAYS are here! i was totally jonesing to get a shot of this most precious antique for y’all. This morning i was alerted to this guy chugging up the tracks for a secret test run before this weekend’s big tah-doo… and thanks to Vishnu, i heard the unique wood-powered, “TooT TooT!” in the afternoon as he huffed and puffed his way back to the Durango Depot…i sprinted out of the office, nearly naked, across the street and barely managed this shaky shot! please do not republish without asking, thank you…enjoy this bit of Americana preserved…may all of our training persevere as long and as handsomely as this “Little Engine Who Still Can”.

your Turtle Island yogi
who appreciates upon whose shoulders our country stands!

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