More than a few WF Yogis have been here…some of you with your anal sphincters beginning to contract; the beginning of the knife-edge arete of my lifelong Sacred High Peak Pilgrimage; Engineer Mountain this morning…YouTube link of me running this 12,613′ granite puja table this morning in my ‘moccasins’ is found below…


Most Noble WF Sangha,

this morning,
this Lovenote from long-time WF Devotee and Ironman; Fit Kit arrived in my Inbox…

Dear Steve:
You are really calling me home.
I can close my eyes and remember doing the Ai Imawa Healing postures
on the summit of Engineer Mountain.
I also remember the pain of doing intervals on the climb up.
I also remember marveling at your running ability on the shale and the snow on our descent.
Ai Imawa
Fit Kit


Well Fit Kit,
ilg decided to honor you and the many other WF Warrior’s that i’ve scared, tormented, and merged into utter High Peak Bliss with over the years…Warrior’s such as “Never Quittin’ Quentin”, “Flex”, “Racin’ Jason”, “The Zeinmaster”, “SassoSan”, to name a few.

So sacred is this lifelong “go to” High Peak Pilgrimage of mine, that today i figgered it was time
to immortalize it on YouTube…

For you, Fit Kit…and All WF Warriors, mountain yogis, and all Beings everywhere with Love and Chi…it’s only 2.5 minutes…ilg TAF’s you’ll find it worthwhile…enjoy;

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