Dewa and Daddy;  Cleaning up for the trip to Nana’s casa in New Mexico! And yes, i am using my Non-Dominant to shower us! Enjoy the following great news for your Practice this Wholiday!  Blessed be thy sweat and life, coach ilg. Photo by Ananda.

Noble Sangha,

You know what the difference is between a peleton and a Sangha?  The former attempts to crush and isolate you,  the latter nourishes and elevates you.  That is precisely what you do for me:  you nourish me sooooo much Higher than any physical food could possibly, and you elevate my Practice, inspired by your desire Higher.

After teaching a HP SUPER PROP WORKOUT here in Durango tomorrow morning,  i’m taking my girls to New Mexico for the holiday.  Be back on Sunday.  I’m going (willingly) off line until then.   Ilg says;  go(o)d luck with that Thanksgiving Day meal!  Engage the WF Teachings of;  Rasas, Eating Elegantly, Earned Sustenance, and 3×30 practices…all of which are found within the WF SanghaLounge, Teachings Archives, and of course my books.

I and MahaManas (our new WF.com Web Weaver)  are leaving you with a couple of VERY cool offerings for Members for your holiday Practice of Wholeness:

1) YOU CAN NOW ACCESS THE OLD SANGHALOUNGE ARCHIVES! There’s now a note at the top of the Sangha Lounge with a link, and information on how Members can gain access to the old Lounge (Maha figured out how to make it read-only). Check it out!

2) MEDIUM FORM FLEXIBILITY will be made available for FREE to all current WF.com Members over the next day or so…watch this Teachings sections and ENJOY!

now,  go earn that beautiful (tofurky) Turkey with lots of multi-disciplined sweat and spirit, okay?  Tell me how your Practice held up over the Wholiday, okay?  See you in the SanghaLounge!   All Members can reap huge personal contact and support by myself and other WF Students in the SanghaLounge 24/7…

Om So Ti,

head bowed,

coach ilg

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