Namaste and Happy (W)Holidays!

May Yogi Jesus Christ’s Divine Light and Love shine through us in all-Ways…

An ultra deep wave of endless gratitude for all Supporting Members of our Preciously High Path of Transpersonal Fitness!


yogi jc

MahaYogi Jesus Christ…


…find your entire being squealing with fresh, new experiences along your Highest Efforts At Self Cultivation and…


…May those experiences be derived from practicing being BRAVE ENOUGH TO AT LEAST TRY to do things that scare or are unfamiliar to you…


…and you truly be finding out that your workout is truly EVERYWHERE…


…and that fatigue resulting from fun is precisely what Self Heals EVERYTHING and Empowers ALL Higher Aspirations…


…and may you be fulfilled by bluebird ski days dawning over 7′ of fresh POW…and..


May Yogi Jesus Christ’s Divine Light and Love shine through us in all-Ways…

…May you realize without conflict, that Santa Claus is just another amazing emanation of MahaYogi Jesus Christ’s omnipotent Divine Light…and that everybody is just doing their best given the Dharmic, genetic, karmic, and samskaric tools that they have in their shed this time around.

So, until we meet again and can gather in this Way again,  May your words, actions, and thoughts toward yourself and all Beings In All Realms reflect Christ’s Mass:




surrender unto  the Lord (Ishvara-Pradnidhana)…

head bowed,

heart wide open,

chi force still on High after all these decades thanks to YOU,

your feeble teacher


1) MahaYogi Jesus Christ, who studied under the High Mountain Yogis of the Himalaya from age 13-30.  How BRAVE was this cat to step up to that Pontius Pilate plate?   I know it is more than likely you are some sort of a Christ-ian,  and i don’t doubt your love for this amazing spiritual athlete, however,  is your Love for Him strong enough to practice what He Did?  And do it to the extent that you manifest a Halo and are willing to wear it outwardly?    hmmmmm….ilg sure ain’t,  which is why i worship Him each morning in my Rituals and have done so for as long as i can recall…photo; free stock image

2 & 3) Abba and Dewa;  first time on ice skates for Dewa;  she is a NATURAL!!!  (my first competitive sport was ice hockey at ages 7-9).  photo’s by Ananda

4) Ananda enjoys trikonasana at Chapman Hill while Dewa and i were sledding after skating.  This historic little ski hill has probably produced more Olympic and National Winter Champions than any other town in North America…perhaps Dewa will be another ripple in that lineage?  photo by ilg

5) If so? It’ll be a LOT more of this!  FATIGUE FROM HAVING FUN, FUN, FUN!!!  yeah baby!  photo by ilg

6) i took this shot yesterday as i and Miguel (DWC “B” Champion, 2010) hit up the Steep and Deep over at Lift 8, Durango Mountain Resort.   The San Juans have been pummeled with 7 FEET of new snow!

7) the ilg clan, L-R;  Ananda, Dewachen, and Abbaji,  Christmas Eve, Cosmos, just before riding the POLAR EXPRESS!   pic by Precious Yogini/Dewa Sitter:  Meeg.

3 Responses to “May You Be Having A MEANINGFUL Yogi Jesus’s BIRTHDAY!”

  1. Ken Doyle says:

    Dear Steve and family, Happy Holidays to all of you. Love, Kendo

  2. BB says:

    Coach, happy holidays to you and your family. The sledding picture is one of my favorite pictures that you’ve posted, it really captures WF.

  3. eyt :() says:

    *beautiuosness in boundless measure* happiness, love and gratitude for the wondrous beatitudes to you and yours :() student eyt and her clan xxx

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