Jump Squats;  a notorious and instrumental part of any WF Student’s educational training…Jump Squats will often have a Student feeling ‘very well trained’  versus ‘being sore’…photo from TBT/Wayne Williams

in WF Word Choice we don’t use the term “I’m feeling sore,”  which brings a negative association to what is truly a needed and glorious sensation of feeling ‘well trained’….so,  we in WF are trained to say,  ‘Oh man,  those Jumps Squats into Scissor Jumps after that 10 set of 10 reps Back Squats has left me feeling very WELL TRAINED!’

it’s kinda like an inside joke now among WF and HP Yoga Students…“Uh, yeah, i’d love to join you for a run, however,  after yesterday’s HP Yoga SUPER PROP Class,  i’m feeling uh…just a little too ‘well trained’ to do a run today!”

so,  we reserve the term ‘sore’ for any joint/muscle sensation that is not a positive response to an adaptational training effort….such as crashing on your bike and having your right hip feeling very sore!

this Teaching is also in the WF SanghaLounge/Mindfulness section for reference

2 Responses to “WF Speech Purification Practices: “Feeling Well Trained” vs. “Sore””

  1. Karl Kerschner says:

    Coach Ilg, you have done it again. Your presence has influenced me to alter my pattern.
    For the first time in my daily journal today I wrote about my body being “well trained”.

    Somehow being well trained feels better.

    Silly musing: Why don’t we call these squat-jumps? Seems I tend to start with the squat first.
    On the other hand, once I get going, I feel like I’m doing jump-squat, jump-squat.
    Probably an amphibian in a previous lifetime.

    What a great progression: back squats into jump squats into scissor jumps. Got the feeling just thinking about it.


  2. coach says:

    Most Precious Warrior Yogi KK,

    first, ilg has been keenly aware of your Svadhaya in studying and commenting on my Teachings Archives…that tells me much about your Sincerity toward Wholeness.

    go(o)d inSight about the Jump Squats vs. Squat Jumps Word Choice! thank you! like everything else, ilg reckons, it’s the Intensity which leaves the deepest imprint upon our body/mind/spirit paradigm. thus, i reckon i go with “Jump Squats” cuz, approaching a minute of Jump Squats? it’s definitely (for me) the Jump which has accelerated toward the forefront of my consciousness!

    Dharma Blessings upon thy Practice,

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