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Stephen B:

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself to the community.  In my worklife, I am a marketing/pr consultant for clean technology companies after having worked at global PR firms for several years. I live in the west hills of Portland, OR, right in the middle of some of the best bicycling in the world. While rereading “Bike for Life,” I became interested in learning more about Steve Ilg’s wholistic approach to fitness.  For many years, I hammered on the bike and then hammered some more without any repercussions. Then at the age of 50, about seven years ago, things began to change.   I have had a series of injuries (to hip, knees and back) from what I know is a too one-dimensional approach to training.  I love to go fast on the bike, but I haven’t spent enough time to integrate other critical, balanced training into my routines.   I approach the community here with an open mind and open heart to learn a more balanced approach and to share my experiences as I go.

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