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coquettish sunplay    (5)
swirling snows dance, geese fly low   (7)
ilg in love with March    (5)

– steve ilg, today


I understand, thanks to Noble Warrioress LH, that those of you whom have been posting – or trying to  post in the SanghaLounge have had to do some sort of ‘math problem’ to get in…WF Website Weaver, Maha,  has now fixed that so you no longer need to.  So,  if you are moved by the daily Miracles of Mindfulness like i was earlier today to write a Haiku; then go ahead and post it in the WF SanghaLounge for all of us to enjoy!   Or,  ask a question,  answer one, contribute, as you enjoy the beautiful chill of WF Warriors worldwide;  the SanghaLounge!  Thanks LH and Maha!

– Blessed be thy Sweat,


photo on the banks of the Mother Animas in front of the WF Temple hOMe today by ilg.

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  1. Mike Singer says:

    That default “math problem” functionality was to prevent spam. The whole forum is password protected, so I removed it.

    I’ve always wondered why doing math proves you’re human … computers can do math. Seems like being asked to write a poem, or sing or dance, would be a more appropriate way to prove you’re not a robot!

  2. coach says:


    you are so hilariously right on!

    i can see it now: please complete the following Zen koan…

  3. Leslie Hutchinson says:

    MIke and EC,

    I sat behind a car with the following bumper sticker this morning – ( here it is again MIke!)
    “Four out of three people have trouble with fractions” – Ha – that math problem was just to easy to pass up for me – little did I know that it held the key to posting in the SL. Humbled, I am, and I enjoyed the laugh as I am one of those 4 out of 3 people. ANY of the WF folk in this elite group!!!

    I hope that some of you will check into the worldly events section and click on the Upaya link that Mike kindly posted for me. There are some good articles there on events in Japan posted by Joanna Macy, HH the Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh and many other concerned and informed people.

    EC, many thanks for passing the math problem on to Maha Mike – I doubt if I would have ever thought about answering that little prompt…..blessings on the March haiku.

    Thanks again – LH

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